G-Dragon and T.O.P feel more free with GD&TOP unit activities

December 22, 2010 @ 12:54 pm
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Big Bang's G-Dragon and T.O.P have revealed their feelings regarding their first unit activities apart from their group. On December 22nd, G-Dragon and T.O.P had an interview with 'Money Today Star News' prior to the pre-recording of their 'M! Countdown' performance in regards to the duo's new album. On this day, they performed their three songs: 'High High', 'Oh Yeah', and 'Bbeokigayo' The duo were in the middle of their stage when they revealed, "These activities are different from those of Big Bang's, as in they are activities where our strengths are more emphasized. It's the feeling of taking off clothes that have already been established and being comfortable." Continuing on, T.O.P stated, "You will be able to encounter a more free and unrestricted performance from us, and that is something that we two do very well, with a more mature and sharp music. It will be different from that of Big Bang's and you will hear music that has more diversity. The music that the two of us personally produced with this album will deliver a new kind of feeling as well." The director of 'M! Countdown', Kim Ki Woong stated, "It took four months to get the set mobilized for G-Dragon and TOP's performance. Their comeback stage is the largest in scale since Psy's." G-Dragon especially showed affection by providing ideas for the intro's stage set. GD&TOP's first album will be available for purchase from the 24th. Source: Star News via Nate

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