Shin Bong Sun sleeps in Taecyeon's arms?

March 21, 2010 @ 7:41 pm
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On the most recent episode of Family Outing 2, Shin Bong Sun found a very discreet way to sleep in 2PM's Taecyeon's arms. A very sneaky smile came on Shin Bong Sun's face when she realized Taecyeon was taking a nap. She checked to see if he was fully asleep and indeed he was. That's when she decided to lay her head on his arm. Though she looked awkward on the edge of his arm, technically she got to lay in his arms. Whenever he moved around a little, she would roll away and then roll back after a few moments. However, it was then revealed that Taecyeon wasn't sleeping at all! After Bong Sun going back and forth on his arm, Taecyeon woke up and said, "Noona, what are you doing?" Even if she got caught, Shin Bong Sun's definitely a lucky girl!

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