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MAMAMOO's Solar and MoonByul answer fan questions in an "Ask me anything: MAMAMOO+ edition" for their unit comeback

Since it was announced that MAMAMOO+, a subunit of the group MAMAMOO, made up of Solar and Moon Byul, will be making their first unit comeback on March 29, 2023, with the single album "ACT 1, SCENE 1" and the pre-release "Chico Malo" on the 21st of March. Fans have been excited about new music and concept exploration from the girls.

To continue to hype up their fans for their upcoming unit comeback, the duo dropped a "Ask MAMAMOO+| Can't seem to stop MAMAMOO+ once they're starting to give spoilers" video on theMAMAMOO+ YouTube channel before the release of the "Chico malo" single pre-release. Where they answer questions that were sent in by fans themselves via the girl's personal Instagram accounts weeks prior regarding any questions the fans may have about the comeback.

What makes the video even more special for fans is that the idols fully leaned into the MAMAMOO members giving spoilers before their comebacks habits without even trying to deny it anymore. During the Q and A, the girls themselves clarified a lot of behind-the-scenes questions, especially making it known that while for solo albums, members can do whatever concept or style they want, for a group comeback, they need to run it through the company first.

Additionally, the duo clarified that for unit comebacks, just like with the solo comebacks, the girls seem to have free range for the concept. However, both of them need to agree with it first and gather each other's point of view, which both idols stated is more complex and more tedious than just a solo comeback. 

Regarding spoilers, in true MAMAMOO fashion both idols debated each other, which gave out the most spoilers for this comeback, with Solar claiming it was Moonbyul. While Moonbyul claimed it was Solar. The duo also clarified that there is going to be a lot of couples choreography for the comeback, as well as a dance break, and that will be an MV for the song LLL as well, as the pre-release and title track for the album "Good Girl, Bad Boy." This means that all songs in the album will have an MV. Much to the fan's delight. 

Fans are incredibly impressed by how much behind-the-scenes content before the comeback and fan input the idols both placed into the comeback for fans. Which makes this comeback even more special to fans who are awaiting the pre-release on the 21st and album release on the 29th of March with extreme anticipation.

Check out the MAMAMOO+ full behind-the-scenes Q and A session! What were your favorite spoilers?

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