Posted by Solim-Yoon Sunday, July 3, 2022

Golden Child's Jangjun says he has no group income yet and only earns income from his individual schedules


Golden Child's Jangjun revealed that he has no income from his group activities yet and only earns income from his individual schedules.

On July 3, Jangjun appeared as a panelist on KBS2's 'The Money School'. Here, Jangjun showed his bank account to MC Defconn for an evaluation. Defconn commented, "There are six zeroes in the account (in KRW)." 

The MC also asked, "Do you have income from your group activities?"

Jangjun responded, "I debuted in 2017 so I am in my 6th year of promotions. I have not received any earnings from our team promotions yet. I only make earnings from my individual schedules. Like this program today. I started having individual schedules like this in 2019. That was the first year I started having an income. It was 7 years after I left home to become an idol. I am having my mother manage my earnings."

Next, Jangjun shared, "My mother is in the real estate leasing business. She is used to managing money." To this, another MC commented, "If that is the case, she might have set aside something like a building for you."

Jangjun replied, "I have not made a point to check and see what my mother has done with my earnings, but I've heard in passing that there is something set aside, something like 'For my son when he gets married'."

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lovingboo1,312 pts Sunday, July 3, 2022 2
Sunday, July 3, 2022

damn. thats crazy. to still not earn money from group projects. This is why people always say that being from a big company you have privilege. the mere exposure already sets you a part from everyone else.

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sun1e-882 pts Sunday, July 3, 2022 4
Sunday, July 3, 2022
Woolim don't pay their employees? Debut in 2017, so where is the money going? Why would you create an idol company when you know you never had the initial investment to pay the employees? Labor laws in Korea need to change and this should be illegal.

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