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Posted by beansss Tuesday, September 1, 2020

SuperM bring out their claws and fangs in 'Tiger Inside' MV


SuperM have just premiered the full MV for their powerful 2nd lead single, "Tiger Inside"!

The energetic, fast-paced dance track fuses synthesizer sounds with a dramatic 808 bass beat, before completing the overall mood with a distinct, Asian theme. "Tiger Inside" delivers a message of strength and courage during difficult times caused by the global COVID19 pandemic, telling listeners to unlock the wild beasts inside them against negative circumstances. 

The intense "Tiger Inside" MV features SuperM's dynamic performance, full of charismatic moves reminiscent of a ferocious pack of tigers. Watch it above!

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papaya-oyl261 pts Tuesday, September 1, 2020 0
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

OMG THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS SO GOOOOD!! IM ACTUALLY DYING OVER TAEYONG AND TEN Im glad that Taeyong seems to be doing better after everything he went though, and Im sorry but this song is LEAGUES better than 100



brideofchani6,327 pts Tuesday, September 1, 2020 1
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

i feel so excited like i used to back when exo debuted and when nct debuted. when i first started stanning them i was excited all the time

with nct they never stopped exciting me, but with exo i feel like they hit a point where their comebacks started to not be fun anymore. this right here has the spirit of old exo and i'm so glad to see it again

this also has the ultimate nct flavor. taeyong is a motherfucking BOSS. i have always said that. from day 1 i thought he was so talented. he just keeps getting more talented. he was always a good dancer but now he's just so.......i dont know. i consider good dance to be the kind that moves you emotionally and that is the level he has reached

ten = king of performance. he is naturally so so so gifted. everything he does is perfect. when i watched him on that dance show (the name i cant remember rn) i was floored by the level on which that boy could slay. but putting aside the talent, those visuals. i'm speechless. he's so beautiful. plus he's a wonderful artist. i want a giant wall sized painting of ten to just hang right above my bed.

kai = angel of dance and badassery. i have praised jongin so many times over the years on talent, looks, personality, intelligence etc there's nothing even left to say. he's amazing. who could find fault with him? no one!

baekhyun - makes me fall in love with him every single day. gifted with golden vocal cords and a sweet puppy face that makes you want to buy him meals, but he also has so much swag. so powerful. in my eyes baekhyun is the king of kpop. he is #1. no one can outdo him in anything. cant nobody tell him NOTHIN

mark = the human embodiment of fire. so young yet so powerful. so good at everything that sm wanted him in every nct unit. he's probably in nct units that dont even exist yet. if you can get mark lee in something, that will guarantee it a success

lucas = born to be a star. i'm sure angels wept when he was born because they look ugly and untalented in comparison. always flawless, performances on 10, visuals jaw dropping. and lucas has a masculine charm that i really am drawn into

im so proud


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