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Kim Jong Min shocked as new '1 Night, 2 Days' season 4 cast members gulp down fish sauce americanos


On December 8, KBS2's '1 Night, 2 Days' premiered the first episode of season 4 with brand new cast members Kim Jong Min, Yeon Jung Hoon, Moon Se Yoon, Kim Sun Ho, DinDin, and VIXX's Ravi!

On this episode, the new season 4 cast members took on their first ever 'fish sauce americano' challenge, with a 50% chance of choosing a 'fish sauce americano' vs. a regular americano. Maknae member VIXX's Ravi started the games off, but as soon as he tasted the 'fish sauce americano' on his tongue, he spit it all out!

Next went the second youngest, DinDin. At first, the members couldn't tell whether DinDin had picked a good drink or a bad one when he starting drinking. But once he managed to finish the cup, he let the other members smell his breath and realize that it had been a full cup of 'fish sauce americano'!

'1 Night, 2 Days's original cast member Kim Jong Min couldn't hide his shock, and even the show's staff and PDs watched with amazement, commenting, "This is the first time someone has drank the entire cup." 

DinDin continued to amaze everyone on set by finishing off 3 whole cups of 'fish sauce americanos', after which came the team's oldest member, Yeon Jung Hoon's turn. Yeon Jung Hoon first lucked out by picking up 3 cups of regular americano, but in the end, also ended up with a 'fish sauce americano'. Taking after DinDin's behavior, Yeon Jung Hoon downed the entire cup of the 'fish sauce americano' before wrapping up his turn. Immediately behind Yeon Jung Hoon, comedian Moon Se Yoon downed one whole cup of 'fish sauce americano' as well, shocking the staff to no end. 

On the other hand, original cast member Kim Jong Min caused laughter by spitting out his 'fish sauce americano' at once, refusing to swallow even an ounce. Finally, actor Kim Sun Ho went up last and shocked everyone in a different way, by never picking up any 'fish sauce americanos' at all! Some time later, the three members who had downed their 'fish sauce americanos' suffered from stomach aches, resulting in an extended stop at a rest area to visit the restrooms. 

Did you catch the premiere of '1 Night, 2 Days' season 4?

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