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Posted by germainej AKP STAFF Thursday, May 30, 2019

Girls' Generation's YoonA takes a vacation in 'Summer Night' feat. 20 Years of Age MV


Girls' Generation's YoonA has dropped her music video for "Summer Night" featuring 20 Years of Age.

The MV follows YoonA on a beautiful vacation to the beach, where she spends a relaxing summer day and night. "Summer Night" is the title song of the Girls' Generation member's special album 'A Walk to Remember', and it's an upbeat, R&B tune about sentimental feelings during a warm summer night.

Check out YoonA's "Summer Night" MV above, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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lewisglory483 pts Thursday, May 30, 2019 1
Thursday, May 30, 2019

SM always gives YOONA the worst songs, the worst composers, the worst editors, Worst cameramen, Worst makeup artists and Worst PDs, SM has forced YOONA to sing with that horrible sweet child voice for years, even though her natural real voice is low, deeper, sensual and beautiful. and SM also give her only the cheapest budget for a mv station, even though she is one of the biggest sm moneymakers but she does not care and she prefers to have full fun with her cheap and bad made video and song give by SM. Even though SM always is tried really hard to destroy her success career and her huge popularity for years. but she still can make good and even break some records without sm's promo nor sm's support and with that poor mv, humble special album of just '2 new song and 3 old songs', and her ugly weird sweet child voice, lmao!!! (ofc i hope that her next song she can sing with her real natural sensual low deeper voice, she will sound so great again)


C o n g r a t u l a t i o n Singer-dancer-rapper YOONA because:

♥ she holds now #1 as the highest 1st day of sales in 2019 for a female soloist artist' '#A_WALK_TO_REMEMBER’.

♥ she is #1 with the Fastest MV solo (SNSD member) reached 1M views

♠ her humble solo album is #1 at onQQ Music - Digital Album
♥ her hashtag #AWalkToRememberwithYOONA was trend WORLDWIDE on Top5

♥ her humble solo album without promo is #5 at iTunes Worldwide Album Chart (with still just 1 day at itunes WW)

she did it without sm's promo nor sm's support again. she did it thanks to Her powerful individual fandoms and some good no-biased sones, kpop fans and kdrama fans. SM must to be shock.



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gameofthrones90 pts Thursday, May 30, 2019 1
Thursday, May 30, 2019

Let's rate from 0 to 10 and analyze: *the composition of the song and the editing of the MV were made by others, not her*.

► SONG + RHYTHM: 6/10 🎼 (decent but too soft, not that good for a fresh and cool summer concept)

► LYRICS: ??? /???? ✍️ (I do not know, SM is too stingy and lazy that did not put the subs)

►VOCAL RANGE (Yoona): 9/10 🎤🎶 (Maybe it's a ballad, but her vocal range is good, I hope her next song incorporates high notes again, she can do it very well)

► SOUND OF THE VOICE (Yoona): 3/10 🎶 (no that good, sounds too childish, too sweet and cloying, She really should sang with her sensual low deeper voice again, it would sound much better)

►MAKEUP: 2/10 💄 (no that good makeup, too light makeup and also badly applied, her powerful beauty saved that bad makeup)

► VISUAL (Yoona): 7/10 👸 (she is beautiful but could look more beautiful if her face looked thin again, and also apply better makeup, her really long hair up to her waist was the best, she looked younger and so flawless)

► CINEMATOGRAPHY: 4/10 🎥🌴 (the shots of the scenarios too simple without art nor soul, the editing is too cheap, they did not appreciate all the natural beauty of Thailand, they just focused on filming more inside a hotel with bad angles, a poor cinematography, a rookie youtuber would have done a better job than them)

►The MV IN GENERAL: 4/10 🌊 ⛅🌴TOO IMPROMPTU and TOO SIMPLE. It does not have an artistic essence nor an interesting plot, they focused only on showing some of her most fave habits in different simple scenarios with a cheap edition. END!

..... ***.....

ABOUT SOME OF HER FAVE HABITS that shows us in her MV:

Yoona really LOVE the FOOD

Yoona really LOVE the SEA / OCEAN, BEACH


Yoona really LOVE the SKY


and Yoona really LOVE the music of 90s, 80s and 70s... and the Vintage style. she has classic tastes.



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