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Fans continue to marvel at Jimin's popularity in Japan

Jimin has been causing quite a stir on social media with his recent trip to Japan, where he sparked a frenzy among fans, thanks to his extensive popularity in the country that has positioned him as one of the most loved K-pop idols in Japan. As previously reported, his airport look resulted in massive sales to Dior from fans as they attempted to replicate his simple yet unique and brilliant accessorizing [refer here]. Additionally, a local chain restaurant in Japan has been getting an influx of customers after Jimin visited the eatery and posted a photo on his social media. The massive volume of traffic caused the restaurant's management to implement a ticketing system to aid in managing the sudden big number of customers more efficiently [refer here]. All these events have resulted in a hot topic among fans on the kind of influence that Jimin holds globally, Japan being one of the top countries where his impact is undeniable and can be really felt in numerous aspects of the social environment.

As a follow up to the restaurant viral trend, it has now been about 5 days since Jimin visited the 'Coco Ichibanya' restaurant causing many fans to visit the eatery for meals as well. However, it is reported that the queueing at the restaurant by fans is yet to subside till now. If anything, the customers seem to be increasing in number each day because a few days ago, fans who visited the restaurant stated that they were waiting for 5 to 6 hours to be served but now the wait time has become 7 hours! Fans are seen starting to queue at the door of the restaurant from as early as 9 am or before, just to stand a chance of entering the restaurant and sitting at the table that Jimin sat, as many are said to lose out on a ticket because of the long queues and wait time.

In a different case, the 2023 MAMA Awards ceremony held in Japan further demonstrated the deep love that the country has for Jimin. In this event, he won the 'Best Male Artist' award following his hugely successful official solo debut this year, where his album 'FACE' reported the highest number of sales for a Korean solo artist in its first week on Oricon chart. The Japanese public evidently received his album very warmly and deeply appreciated his spectacular artistry.

Now on winning this award, many of those in attendance of the show stated that the whole venue erupted in loud cheers the moment Jimin's name was mentioned as the winner. Of note is that many Japanese fans were not among the attendees of the awards show because not BTS nor any of the members would be attending the show even though they had been nominated under various categories. This implied that rather than his fandom, it was mostly the public and fans of other artists in attendance, who showed this much love and support for Jimin, further demonstrating his impact in the country.

Additionally, despite knowing that Jimin would not be attending the show, some of his fans still showed up to the show anticipating a win, showing the strong love and support system for him by his Japanese fans.

So many posts by users on X all narrated the same thing, that the cheers for Jimin after his win were incredible.

Fans on X celebrated Jimin and his big win with beautiful messages, bringing numerous tags and keywords onto USA and worldwide trends where 'CONGRATULATIONS JIMIN' rose as high as #2 on USA list and #1 on the worldwide list. Multiple other trends related to the celebrations also emerged and were as shown below, displaying the electrifying excitement in the atmosphere.

The excitement was over the roof as fans felt that he absolutely deserved that win, looking at all the records he has achieved with his album as compiled below.

Always, Jimin never fails to show his gratitude to the fans, and shortly after the awards show ended he posted a heartwarming message for fans on Weverse, thanking them for all the awards that BTS and its members had received. His humility and gratitude is one of the core reasons why fans adore him so much!

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Jimin is so loved ❤️

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I love Jimin so much, he deserved the win as MAMA Best Male Artist. Congrats our baby Mochi!

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