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Jimin's Japan getaway photo sparks frenzy at a local eatery and inspires a fan trend

A few days ago, Jimin left for Japan for an overseas schedule, and his fans came out in overwhelmingly large numbers to see him off at Gimpo airport. They brought along different kinds of items specifically relating to him, including different kinds of merch and banners with his face and heartwarming messages, to explicitly convey their never-ending love and support for him [read more here]. 

Known for his impact in South Korea, Jimin has once again been vividly demonstrated, this time extending its reach to Japan. His recent visit to the country has echoed his immense global appeal, reinforcing his status as an 'IT Boy' in South Korea.

On November 25, Jimin took to Instagram to share a glimpse of his experiences in Japan, posting a photo of himself at a local eatery. The post quickly captured the attention of fans worldwide, astonishingly surpassing 1 million likes in a mere 18 minutes. As of now, the post continues to captivate, having garnered over 7 million likes and still attracting more. This remarkable response is a clear indicator of Jimin's powerful presence and influence across international borders.

Jimin has especially been a top favorite Korean idol for many in Japan, including media personnel, celebrities, athletes, students and even netizens. He has received special mention numerous times from prominent Japanese individuals like Yuzuru Hanyu, Miu Goto, and Mai Muragam, to mention a few [read here and here]. He ranked #1 in countless surveys conducted among Japanese students and netizens, and topped sales charts [read here and here as well as here and here] and music charts in the country to register the best results among all Korean solo acts [read here and here], a demonstration of his widespread support in the country. He also plays a crucial role in influencing young Japanese individuals in their quest to become K-pop idols [refer here]. Read more on his influence in Japan here.

His popularity in Japan came to light yet again following his post on Instagram. Many of his Japanese fans wasted no time and started going to the same restaurant to have a meal as well.

Some of the fans were asking to sit particularly on the same table that Jimin sat at. In just a short while, traffic became so heavy that the eatery had to set up a ticketing system for those who wanted to visit, with the wait time going up to 5 or 6 hours!

In addition, fans who got to sit at that same table also took photos and posted them on social media. They specifically recreated Jimin's photo, including his exact pose along with his full outfit, and it quickly became a trend!

Meanwhile, the restaurant's name got trending on X, making it not only onto Japan's trends but also onto the worldwide trends list, rising as high as #3 on both lists.

Jimin's kind of impact can only be dreamt of by many, but his exceptional personality and character as an individual and great talent and skills as an artist, along with his top visuals, are what propelled him to such levels. He truly is one of a kind.

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The Jimin effect 😍

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I wish to be there too. The Jimin effect🔥

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