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Posted by ean1994 Thursday, September 22, 2022

10 of the Most Expensive K-pop MVs


K-pop music videos have a way of being both eclectic and bold. Sometimes they're even colorful! But these expansive music videos always come at some price - some more than others. As K-pop music videos are essential, it's easy to see why so much money is put into production costs. Here are ten of the most expensive music videos to be produced thus far (from the production budgets that were made public).

1. 2NE1 "Come Back Home" (Approximate cost of production: $500,000): With all the CG edits that needed to be done to pull off the perfect futuristic world, 2NE1's "Come Back Home" is one of the most expensively produced K-pop music videos there are.

2. INFINITE "Destiny" (Approximate cost of production: $900,000): Traveling all the way to Los Angeles, California, and on top of that also renting out a portion of Universal Studios to film their music video, INFINITE indeed went over the top when it came to producing the music video for "Destiny" but seems like it was worth it as "Destiny" became loved by so many people!

3. T-ara "Cry Cry" (Approximate cost of production: $900,000): One of the most elaborately planned music videos. "Cry Cry" is like a mini crime drama, focused on the plot of taking revenge; they were even able to cast fellow actor Cha Seung Won in the music video!

4. Gangkiz "Honey Honey" (Approximate cost of production: $900,000): You've heard of a music video, but have you heard of seven music videos in one? Gangkiz went all out for their seven-part music video. To be fair, a three-minute music video really isn't enough, so having six more parts to watch is great!

5. B.A.P. "One Shot" (Approximate cost of production: $900,000): Also a great music video that's been produced, B.A.P. really took the reigns on taking their music to a whole new level!

6. S.E.S. "Love" (Approximate cost of production: $700,000): Although this music video is a bit more outdated in comparison to the rest (released in 1999), that doesn't mean that it didn't take as much to produce!

7. Big Bang "Love Song" (Approximate cost of production: $200,000): While the music video looks simple, it's a lot more complicated, for YG Entertainment ended up building plane runways for the sole purpose of the music video.

8. MAMAMOO "Decalcomanie" (Approximate cost of production: $300,000): The aesthetics of this music video were perfect and fit so well with the song and the luxurious outfits too!

9. EXO "MAMA" (Approximate cost of production: $270,000): One of the most alluring music videos, to fit with their space concept, EXO went far out with producing the music video for "MAMA," and it paid off!

10. AOA "Like a Cat" (Approximate cost of production: $250,000): With so many different outfits that had to be created for this music video, and the different sets shown within the music video, AOA's "Like a Cat" is one of the most well-produced music videos!

You see a lot of 2nd-3rd generation artists on the list as the production costs for newer generation idols aren't publicly revealed. Regardless, music videos continue to be one of the major appealing points to K-Pop groups, and it's always great to see every music video be different from one another; it adds more to the appeal! Hopefully, moving forward, we can continue to get aesthetic videos produced!

  1. AOA
  2. B.A.P
  3. Big Bang
  4. EXO
  7. T-ara
  8. 2NE1
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Thursday, September 22, 2022

4Minute Volume Up????

1 million dollar

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Is the list from highest cost to the lowest?

I'm confused.

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