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Jessica gears up for her re-debut in China with new stills


Former Girls' Generation member Jessica continues to promote her Chinese girl group re-debut audition program despite the criticisms. 

On May 21st, Jessica took to her personal Instagram and posted her stills from the Chinese girl group re-debut survival program 'Sisters Who Make Waves, season 3'. In this set of pictures, Jessica is seen showing off her timeless visual in cute outfits. 

Previously, Jessica also posted a video of herself but it seems the singer has taken it down following the backlash

Meanwhile, the show features female celebrities in their 30s and older making their girl group re-debut and former Miss A members Fei and Jia also have appeared on the show in the past. 

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123PoP6,698 pts Saturday, May 21, 2022 10
Saturday, May 21, 2022

if you have been blacklisted in one country why not work in another. People act like her doing this job is lowering her standards but what can you do when people don't allow her to work. Y'all are being to harsh on her for what? Getting kicked out of a gg?

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Saturday, May 21, 2022

I'm so glad Jessica is joining this show. I just want to explain what SISTERS WHO MAKE WACVES is because seems like neither the author of the article understands nor do people in the comments section. The most similar equivalent of this show in Korean terms is GOOD GIRL by Mnet. Its not PD101. SWMW is an EMPOWERING show its not a snake festival like Mnet shows. By that I mean celebs are on there just to perform, they are not salty or devasted they lost bc they are already big names. IT'S THE BIGGEST SHOW IN CHINA WITH 5 BILLION VIEWS THE LAST SEASON AND 100M VIEWERS PER EPISODE. It's so far the 3rd season and there will be more.

1. EVERYONE on this show are famous well established celebrities in China - solo artists, actors, models. You can't be a NOBODY. It's for those who want to try out being in a group and for some reason they did not in their 20. It's also for those who want to keep performing. It's a great EMPOWERING show. It's not MNET. So please stop spreading some false things like its a bad or sad thing to be on this show. IT'S NOT A SURVIVAL IN THE WAY YOU ARE USED TO.

2. Jessica is not the oldest or biggest veteran on the show. The conditions to be on the show is - be popular celebrity to 30 or older with years of experience. Celebs on this show have 6-23 years of experience so Jessica with 14 years is right in the middle. Honestly many celebs would be jealous Jessica is on this show.

3. Lastly in case you are interested. Jessica is doing great on this show despite the language barrier. Everyone were really impressed when they saw her on stage and she was complimented on her poise and way she carries herself. She is number 1 internationaly and 2nd trending in China. People treat here there very nicely. She does not know much Chinese but people are impressed with her great efforts bc she sang in both English and Chinese and did amazing. She was described as an ACE.

So support her if you can because she deserves all the best. Right now she is in the same situation Chinese trainees are when they come to a. Also to the people asking why is she in China if she is a Korean and can't speak much Chinese. Honey. If your ex-employers is so obsessed with your every move, stalking you and stops anyone from hiring you in your country. What would you do? Move to another country. That is what Jessica is doing and S* is being disgustingly obviously obsessed with her to the point they try to influence her working in China. Jessica was rumored to join the show since January and SM posted the SNSD comeback news on the performance day of J literally the day after Hyo released her album totally disrespectful to Hyo all to make J look like she is doing it on purpose. Like how someoen wrote on social media I wonder if Jessica rejected the feeligns of an executive or something that they are so stalkerish obsessed with her.

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