Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, February 10, 2022

BTS's Jimin radiates his warm heart and personally comforts one fan going through a difficult period


BTS's Jimin shared a warm word of comfort to his fan, who expressed she was going through difficult times. Jimin wrote a lengthy comment in response to the fan who created a post on Weverse.

On February 9, a fan wrote on Weverse, saying, "I feel so down right now. Everything seems difficult and feels like I would never be able to achieve what I want...I am good in nothing except disappointing my parents and myself. I wish I could be as good and talented as others so I could for once hear my parents praise me but guess that's never happening." The fan continued to write, "There's always a mask covering my real self because I am scared to show my emotions. I wish people in my life were as understanding and cheerful like those in fiction stories but sadly all I have in my life is toxicity..."

Jimin soon responded to his fan and wrote, "I think I can understand this to a certain extent. That's why I want to say something."

He continued sharing his experiences of what he does when he feels down and explained, "Rather than thinking about undoing my life or thinking about what other people say about me, what other people think about me, thinking about the fundamental things such as 'what about me? what do I want? helped me think more about the future and think about the things that are coming."

Jimin then carefully suggested, "So instead of thinking about the difficulties, how about thinking about something that makes you happy instead of thinking about what other people think?"

Additionally, Jimin didn't forget to sincerely comfort his fan, saying, "I wish you would be much happier. I really wish happier days are coming. Thank you for supporting me and sharing your story."

He also left a message for all his fans, saying, "I know everyone is going through a period of difficulty due to COVID-19. I am grateful ARMYs are withstanding these difficulties together."

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Melii331310173 pts Thursday, February 10, 2022 0
Thursday, February 10, 2022

Our Jimin is so sweet and kind. 💜 his words are pearls of wisdom 💐

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chimmycooky885 pts Thursday, February 10, 2022 2
Thursday, February 10, 2022

It's these little things that artists do for fans that mean the most to any fanbase. He took the time to read the fan's post & articulate his thoughts, well wishes & advice. For some it may seem like just a kind gesture, but he very well could've just potentially saved that person. He truly has a heart of gold

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