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'Hellbound' Director Yeon Sang Ho shares plans for season two


Director Yeon Sang Ho, the director of 'Hellbound,' revealed the ideas and storyline of season 2 of the hit Netflix series.

On November 26, YTN held an interview with the director of 'Hellbound,' the series that is gaining worldwide popularity on Netflix.

On this day, the director mentioned that the following season will be an epilogue of what happens after the first season and will be made into an animation format.

Director Yeon Sang Ho explained, "I have been planning the after-story since this summer. There isn't much I can share but what I can tell you is I was thinking, 'does the epilogue of this story need to be a story about hell?'" and raised curiosity.

He continued to share, "We did decide on the final title to be 'Hellbound' but one of the other candidates as the title was 'Resurrection.'" He also added that the second season will focus on the weakness of humans. The director elaborated that the weakness that will be portrayed in the second season will be different from the one seen earlier. Additionally, the director added, "It will also show how strong humans can be at the same time."

Meanwhile, 'Hellbound' surrounds the story of an apparition that suddenly appears, foretelling the date and time when an individual will be bound to hell. The story continues to focus on the rise of a cult group that arbitrarily explained this apparition to send sinners to hell, causing those who receive the prophecy to be shunned from society. 

Meanwhile, 'Hellbound' ranked number 1 on Netflix's top 10 series in just one day after it was released on November 19. Currently, 'Hellbound' is gaining global popularity following the series 'Squid Game' from Korea.

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CRPS273 pts Saturday, November 27, 2021 0
Saturday, November 27, 2021

The content of the drama is reproduced as it is the original webtoon.

Only the scene where the woman who died at the end is resurrected is different.

Because of that scene, I am looking forward to how the contents of season 2 will unfold.

And there is a short anime the director made a long time ago, and there is a description of heaven. (According to the description, heaven is not heaven, but just hell.)

If you search on YouTube, you can probably see the short anime.



JayJay1743 pts Saturday, November 27, 2021 0
Saturday, November 27, 2021

These series are hell of a brutal and interesting & killed it again. The creatures dont seem like a devine beings, more like ones who found a wormhole and spread havoc. I won't be surprised if the whole thing is connected to higher power vips & details similar to the matrix. K-productions are very versatile compared to American ones.



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