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YoonA shares she likes her cereal to be soggy in her latest ASMR video


There has been a heated discussion in online communities over YoonA's cereal preference.

On June 25, YoonA posted ASMR content on her YouTube channel 'Yoona's So Wonderful Day.' In the ASMR video, YoonA decided to have chocolate cereal and revealed how she likes to eat them.

She explained to her fans, "I like my cereal a little bit soggy," and advised them to wait 30 seconds before eating. She explained if you eat the cereal too early that the cereal is too hard and can scratch the roof of your mouth.

She then added, "I also have to drink the chocolate milk from the cereal." However, in an online community, fans were in fervent discussion over YoonA's cereal preference as there were some who were disappointed that she liked soggy cereal.

The netizens who also liked their cereal soggy cheered and expressed their excitement for sharing the same taste as YoonA. They commented, "She knows what's she's talking about," "I like my cereal soggy too," "Yes, you have to watch for the cereal to make the milk into chocolate milk," and "Cereal has to be a bit soggy to get the best taste."

While the netizens who like their cereal crunchy expressed their disappointment saying, "I'm so disappointed," "Soggy cereal? Come on YoonA!" "YoonA, you know better than that," and "I don't like soggy cereal."

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jokbal_is_yum4,232 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

Nah, 30 seconds isn't really soggy - she just wants the milk to take away some rough edges.
REAL soggy would be to leave the milk in for, like,.... 4-5 minutes!

(But it's her personal preference, she's allowed to like what she prefers.)



Winston5,323 pts 29 days ago 0
29 days ago

its the same as how some ppl prefer to pour the sweet and sour sauce over their Chinese TangSuyuk, while there will be another group who prefer to put the sauce by the side and DIP them instead.

There is no 'Right" way to eat it, its just a preference..

Some like their ramen noodles cooked slightly under, and still chewy, while some prefer it to be cooked a min more than the packaging says as they want their noodles to be more soft..



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