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This singer is gaining attention for his unrecognizable transformation after dieting


The celebrity that is gaining immense attention online is none other than SG Wannabe's Lee Suk Hoon.

On April 20th, YouTube channel 'TV-People' uploaded a video from a past episode of MBC's 'Future Diary.' The video showed singer Lee Suk's photos before he went on a diet.

In the photos, Lee Suk Hoon boasts of a chubbier physique that is completely different from his slim figure now.

Previously, the singer shared the story about how he had no choice but to lose weight when he appeared on a talk show back in 2012. He explained, "There was a girl I used to like and she told me that she was embarrassed to be seen with me because I was fat and ugly. I was so shocked that I decided to lose weight."

After seeing his before and after photos, netizens were impressed with the transformation and commented in an online community, "Wtheck, how did he lose all that weight?" "I want to know how he lost all that weight," "I thought he was born skinny. I didn't know he had lost that much weight," "OMG, he's a completely different person," "He said that he diligently worked out," and "How did he maintain his figure? Wow."

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sleeplessssss507 pts 19 days ago 0
19 days ago

Good for him! As long as he lost the weight in a healthy way & he feels mentally & physically healthy now, that's amazing!


But I also am sad he was basically shamed/harmed into losing weight. I know a lot of people will go "well if the mean comment worked then that's great, he got healthy!", but for anyone who's struggled with their weight (me lol) you would know how traumatizing comments like that can be. They actually have been shown to be *more* harmful to someone trying to lose weight & often leads to them gaining more weight or taking longer to lose the weight. Mean/shaming comments about someone's appearance can also cause them lasting issues even once they do lose weight. So just remember that there's nothing wrong with not being attracted to people, but that doesn't give you a pass to be a dick :) & that your words (good & bad) can have lasting effects on people, so it's good to be kind.



petit-biscuit444 pts 19 days ago 2
19 days ago

wth this girl is so rude why would she say something like that..


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