Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Group of former classmates raising school bullying accusations against actress Park Hye Soo, calls out her agency for secondary offense against 'victims'


A group of former classmates who have come together to raise joint school bullying allegations against actress Park Hye Soo has decided to issue a statement of refutal to Studio Santa Claus's latest comments. 

Back on February 24, Park Hye Soo's label Studio Santa Claus denied the bullying accusations raised against the actress once again, and stated that the alleged "association of victims" was seeking "monetary gain" from this incident. 

A representative of this group of former classmates from Park Hye Soo's middle school, 'A', has stepped up to address this comment via SNS. 'A' stated, "The 10+ members of the 'Victims of Park Hye Soo's Bullying Group' has not once demanded any form of monetary compensation from her or her agency. All we wish for is her sincere apology."

'A' continued, "How can the agency outrightly deny the claims when there are so many different victims testifying against her? Once again, we swear that we have not asked any side for monetary compensation."

Finally, 'A' refuted, "The fact that the agency openly called us 'people seeking monetary gain', instead of trying to formally apologize, is a clear secondary offense against the victims. They seem to be trying to cover up Park Hye Soo's past acts of school violence with underhanded media play... We will be more than willing to cooperate with legal investigations, so go ahead with your lawsuit."

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An041561252 pts Wednesday, February 24, 2021 5
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

It only takes one person to muster courage to tell the truth and others follow. This is always what happens. Look at Bill Cosby, Harry Weinstein and Larry Nasar and more ( I only meant if the accusations was really true).

I think it really takes great courage to talk about what happened in the past especially if it really affected that person. Most would probably want to forget that time in their lives.

I hope that if these accusations are true, she will ask for forgiveness and sincerely apologize (which the victims only wants). If it is not true, the investigation will absolve her...


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Jvyeoniq23 pts Thursday, February 25, 2021 0
Thursday, February 25, 2021

The victims maybe true but I just find their story too far-fetched. I mean, wouldn't your parents lodge a complaint or something if you went home bleeding all over your shirt?? I am sure parents would even do their best to get the bully get kicked out from school. It just seem shady to me, coming out after sooo long...
And if the actress is really a bully, I dont think she would want her career ruined, so she would have apologised already.
If the victims are telling the truth, its brave of them to open up about everything and I really respect them for that



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