Posted by AmieAmore Thursday, December 31, 2020

Big Hit Japan announces a new male idol group with the I-LAND contestants who were eliminated


There's exciting news for fans of Mnet's survival show 'I-LAND' as there has been an announcement that the contestants who were unfortunately eliminated from the show will be debuting in Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group.

On December 31st, Big Hit Japan uploaded a video and announced that five I-Land contestants - EJ, Kyungmin, K, Taki, and Nicholas - will be soon globally debuting after recruiting more members through an audition. 

Many fans are excited about the news as the five boys will be starting a new chapter in their life and make their debut in Japan in the coming new year. Still, there are concerns that the new boy group might be debuting too early since ENHYPEN made its debut this year.

Netizens commented on an online community, "Good for them. They get to make their debut," "Didn't ENHYPEN make their debut just a month ago? isn't it too early for another boy group?" "Is Big Hit going to release one boy group per year?" "I don't know why the I-LAND contestants needed to be under that much stress if the eliminated members were going to debut so soon," "I think this group is going to promote only in Japan, so it wouldn't matter if they debut so close to ENHYPEN's debut," "Wow, I want to support them a lot," and "Good luck to them."

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Jenny_9633 pts Thursday, December 31, 2020 2
Thursday, December 31, 2020
I don't get why people are so weird with Big Hit making new groups...Big companies do this all time so...it should not be a big deal. For example JYP Ent. This groups is going to be focused initially on the japanese market so there will no be direct competition among other Big hit Labels groups. I was hoping K to debut soon, same for Taki and Nicholas so I am very pleased with the unexpected news. Hope the group debuts soon.


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redhell10001,861 pts Thursday, December 31, 2020 1
Thursday, December 31, 2020

To the people mad about Big Hit debuting another boy group, Enhypen will grow regardless, Nothing changes for them, But on the other hand fans of I-land also wanted these boys especially K to debut, So please don't ruin their happiness, With thinly veiled insecurity, Sure This group could get popular in Korea But the first target is Japan, Then the World, People have wanted K to debut so bad, after the I-land finale, And now He finally gets His chance, I know for every one Engene who is questioning Big Hits decision, There is 5 who remember how talented & Deserving these boys are


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