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The Most Popular Kpop Idols in China

Have you ever wondered which idols are popular in some countries but aren’t in others? Or are you looking to catch up with some idols that haven’t recently been active in Korea? Read on to see which of your favorite Kpop idols are most popular in China!

1. UNIQ Wang Yibo

While UNIQ hasn’t released any songs since 2018, each member has separate successful careers in China and Korea. Wang Yibo, in particular, has skyrocketed in popularity in both China as well as internationally. From mentoring in shows like Produce 101 China and Street Dance of China, Yibo received great recognition for his professional dancing skills.

Recently, Yibo went viral for his performance of “Versace on the Floor.” Check it out below!

2. GUGUDAN Sally

Since departing from GUGUDAN, Sally, also known as Liu Xiening, participated in the project girl group show, Produce Camp 2020. Produce Camp mentors included stars like f(X)’s Victoria Song and was known for the show that satisfied EXO-Ls by finally reuniting ex-EXO members Tao, Luhan, and Kris in one screen once again! Sally finished the show in 6th place, successfully debuting in the Chinese girl group, BonBon Girls 303.

3. EXO Lay

EXO’s Lay Zhang may not have actively participated in EXO’s comebacks since 2016, but he has been rapidly building even more popularity in China. Known affectionately by the trainees he has mentored on several Chinese project boy group shows as Zhang PD, Lay is a recognized professional in singing, dancing, music production, and acting. On his birthday this year, Lay announced that he had opened his own entertainment company, Chromosome Entertainment, and was eagerly holding auditions for prospective trainees.

Check out Lay's recent water dance performance! 


BLACKPINK may have already been wildly popular in China for their bold girl crush concept, but Lisa in particular skyrocketed in popularity after appearing as a dance mentor on the show, Youth With You 2. Fans internationally tuned in to the Chinese project girl group show solely for Lisa’s cute yet stern mentoring as she helped many trainees drastically improve their dance skills. To the excitement of many BLINKS, Lisa is also a confirmed member for Youth With You 3.

5. GOT7 Jackson

Jackson has brought his carefree and easygoing attitude to many shows in China and has a huge fanbase, who are part of Team Wang. From being a rap mentor to a dance mentor, Jackson is someone who fans all around the world love seeing on screen!

Check out Jackson's shirtless performance of "Young Blood!"

6. Everglow Wang Yiren

Voted as the number one visual center in Produce 48, it comes as no surprise that Wang Yiren is wildly popular for her goddess visuals as well as impressive dance skills. Since debuting as a Chinese member and center in the girl group, EVERGLOW, Yiren is one of the most popular female rookie idols.

7. SEVENTEEN Xu Minghao

Xu Minghao, also known as his stage name, THE8, is part of SEVENTEEN's performance unit. He gained even more popularity in China after appearing as a dance mentor on the project boy group show, Idol Producer 2, where he taught and performed one of SEVENTEEN’s hit songs, “Highlight,” with the trainees on the show. For many viewers, his professionalism and devotion to improving the trainees’ skills were truly admirable!

8. WJSN Cheng Xiao

Though many fans are unsure if Cheng Xiao has officially departed from WJSN, one thing is for sure — she is one of the hottest female celebrities in China at the moment. Recently, Cheng Xiao’s commercial for feminine hygiene products went viral on the internet, and many Kpop fans joked that they wished her commercial was a real Kpop song that they could download and listen to.

9. f(x) Victoria

f(x) members Amber, Luna, Krystal, and Victoria, may not have renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment, but they’ve made it clear that f(x) is far from disbanding. Though they are individually focusing on their own careers right now, f(x) fans are happy to see them thriving on their own. Victoria has participated in shows like Produce Camp 2020 and Hot Blood Dance Crew and showed off her dance skills on stage as a powerful female idol on her own.

10. PRISTIN Kyulkyung

Pristin may have disbanded, but Kyulkyung, alternatively known as Pinky or Jieqiong, is determined to stay pursuing her career. Jieqiong has remained with Pledis Entertainment. Though she has debuted as a solo idol, she is interested in building her acting experience. She is confirmed to be acting in a drama along with UNIQ’s Wang Yibo that will be released early in 2021.

Who is your favorite idol from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Lisa
  2. Cheng Xiao
  4. Lay
  5. Victoria
  6. Jackson
  7. Gugudan
  8. Kyulkyung
  9. The8
  10. UNIQ
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Friday, November 27, 2020

Wang Yibo received recognition for his role as Lan Wangji in the drama The Untamed.

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Friday, November 27, 2020

I thought G-Dragon would be listed.

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