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Netizens revisit a variety show episode in which Red Velvet's Wendy and Joy confessed they were not on good terms


In light of the recent controversy involving Red Velvet's Irene, Korean netizens are revisiting a variety show from the past in which Wendy and Joy appeared as guests.

In the Lifetime show 'Pajama Friends' in 2018, Wendy and Joy spoke about the time when they were not on good terms when they were trainees. In this episode, the two girl group members appeared on the show as close friends; therefore, the hosts were surprised to hear that they were not close at the beginning.

The girls confessed that they were complete polar opposites, so there was much misunderstanding between them. As time went on, the misunderstandings increased and also increasing the wall between the two.

Wendy said, "We're so different" as Joy added "All sorts of misunderstandings built on top of another." Joy went on the explain the difference in their personalities and explained that Wendy is the type to cater to others even if she has to make the sacrifice as to Joy being more selfish and taking care of herself first.

Then the two talked about how they were able to grow closer to each other and become best friends. When they were trainees and living together, Wendy would ask Joy what she did all day. Wendy would ask, "Where did you go? with who? What did you do? what time did you leave?"

Joy felt uncomfortable that Wendy would ask her all the time. Therefore, Joy decided to take the courage and confront Wendy on the matter and tell her she feels uncomfortable that Wendy would interrogate her almost.

When Joy told Wendy her honest feelings, Joy was afraid that Wendy would get mad but instead, Wendy thanked her. Wendy told her "Thank you for telling me, if you hadn't told me then I would have never known that I made people feel uncomfortable." Because of Wendy's unexpected response, Joy felt Wendy was a good person and felt she could tell her everything.

Wendy added, "I only asked Joy what she did all day because I liked her and was interested in her day."  That is when the two Rev Velvet members were able to grow closer to each other and Joy began telling Wendy everything.

As many Korean netizens revisit this episode, they couldn't help but compare Wendy and Irene in light of the recent controversy.  Many netizens praised Wendy for her kind reaction to Joy's confrontation and stated that she has such a good personality to thank Joy that way.

Netizens' Commented:

"I feel Wendy is the best member of the group. She just gets overshadowed by Irene."

"Wow, Wendy is so nice. It's not easy to say something like that when someone confronts you and tell you that you make them feel uncomfortable."

"They're so nice. They start to resemble each others' strong points."

"I think Wendy and Seulgi are really nice. Very comparative to Irene."

"Wendy seems like a really good person. This is so nice to see the two members get along."

"I think similar people become friends; that's why they are able to get along. They just had a few misunderstandings before."

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Ohboy6916,892 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 8
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Let's not be naive. Boy and girl group members aren't best friends. Some of them might be close, but more often than not they are just workmates. Nothing wrong with that either.


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lolzzzz1,223 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 2
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Nothing to do with irene....only to drag her down....


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