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Mother-in-law leaves her nurse daughter-in-law stranded outside for Chuseok because it would be dangerous to let her in due to Coronavirus


"Since you work at the hospital, don't come inside."

The story of a daughter-in-law who was told to stay outside of the house when she came to visit her parents-in-law for the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday was revealed.

The reason the parents-in-law didn't want the daughter-in-law to step into the house was that she was a nurse.

On October 1, an anonymous person posted on an online community her story of how she had experienced an absurd event while taking her six-year-old daughter to her in-laws with her husband. On this day, the woman who is a nurse stated that she had visited her in-laws with her husband and child for the Chuseok holidays bringing them a lot of food. However, when they arrived at the house, the mother-in-law hesitated and refused to open the door.

The husband was taken aback and stated, "Mom, what's wrong? We have a lot of luggage, open the door quickly."

However, his mother kept hesitating when the father-in-law came out of the house and firmly stated, "Don't come in because you might have the coronavirus!"

This was because the daughter-in-law was a nurse. However, she was working at an orthopedic clinic where she had no chance of facing any COVID19 patients.

Then the married couple complained to the parents-in-law stating "You should've told us not to come beforehand" in which the parents-in-law replied, "Then send in the granddaughter alone."

The nurses' daughter cried saying she didn't want to go inside alone so the husband stated, "Then I will go inside with her."

The nurse angrily said to her husband "After all, I'm the only one who can't go inside the house isn't it? I can't be eating food out here so I'll leave." After leaving, she said she went to her own parent's house.

When netizens came across this story, they commented "What kind of family is this?", "If the daughter-in-law has covid19, then the son and the granddaughter would have it too", and "They should have told them not to come before."

Netizens also criticized the husband saying, "Her husband who decided to go inside without his wife has a problem too."

Netizens' Commented

"I think it's better to separate from a husband like that."

"Let's not treat these people if they get COVID19."

"What's wrong with them. They should've just told them not to come."

"The inlaws deserve to get the coronavirus."

"The husband is worse. He's bigger trash."

"This is so comical. The husband is ridiculous."

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k_kid8,683 pts Friday, October 2, 2020 3
Friday, October 2, 2020

Wow, what crappy household did she get herself into? Both her in-laws and her husband are all trash.


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daeoable816 pts Friday, October 2, 2020 5
Friday, October 2, 2020

It might be just one stand-alone event but the fact that the husband didn’t leave with her is a MASSIVE red flag. She needs to get out asap


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