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Korean YouTuber heavily criticized for causing stress after 'Fake Men' Logan's wife suffers a miscarriage


Recently, it has been reported that the wife of Logan, an instructor who appeared in the YouTube series 'Fake Men,' went through a miscarriage due to stress over malicious comments. Many are criticizing the YouTuber who has caused the malicious comments on Logan.

Previously, YouTuber Jung Baewoo (or Actor Jung) raised suspicions that Logan was visiting illegal adult establishments and was a victim of a body cam phishing.

According to MUSAT, global security and tactical consulting firm, Logan's wife lost her baby due to the extreme stress from the malicious comments and false information that has been spreading about her husband. The company delivered the tragic news through its official Instagram page on October 20.

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로건님 가족분들을 대신하여 비보를 전합니다. 최근 악성 댓글 및 허위사실 유포 등으로 인해 가짜사나이 로건 교관님의 아내분께서 극심한 스트레스에 시달리시던 중 뱃속의 소중한 생명을 하늘로 보내게 되었습니다. 가짜사나이 콘텐츠 및 로건 교관을 사랑해 주시는 모든 팬분께서는 함께 애도의 시간을 가져 주셨으면 합니다. 또한 MUSAT는 원인을 제공한 모든 당사자를 엄중히 처벌 받도록 할 것이며 MUSAT 및 관련자들에 대한 허위 사실 유포 및 유언비어에 대하여도 강경히 대응할 것입니다. 다시 한번 깊은 애도를 표합니다.

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The MUSAT company also stated that they will sternly punish all individuals and parties that caused the tragedy. The company claimed to take legal action against those who spread false news and false information about their instructor.

Previously, YouTuber Jung Baewoo claimed that the instructors of 'Fake Men' visited illegal adult establishments. He also revealed photos of a naked body with the genitals blurred, claiming that instructor Logan was the victim of body cam phishing and was exploited by these nude photos.

As Logan's wife, who was pregnant with their child, could not overcome the trauma and stress, she went through a miscarriage. Since then, public criticism has been directed to the YouTuber who spread the ungrounded information. Some of the netizens have demanded the YouTuber to make a formal apology.

On October 16, YouTuber Jung Baewoo apologized through his YouTube channel and stated he would stop all activities. It has been reported that the police will investigate the incident of Jung Baewoo spreading false information.

Netizens' Commented:

"Malicious commenters are murderers."

"This is a constant cycle where they seek out new victims over and over again."

"I feel bad for Logan's wife. She's the real victim."

"I saw the malicious comments people would send to his wife. So sad. What's wrong with these people?"

"This YouTuber guy caused everything. He's the same as a murderer."

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MUSAT, guns for hire, will kill for money, literally war capitalists, gets sympathy with scientifically unproven claims?

From my experience, steroid munching guys in military fatigues most of the time are nothing but a bunch of douchebags.



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