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Netizens wonder how 'Lookism' webtoon artist Park Tae Joon contracted the COVID19 virus if he didn't leave his home most of the time


Park Tae Joon, the webtoon artist for the popular series 'Lookism', was reported to have tested positive for the coronavirus on August 20th KST. 

Then on the same day, on August 20th, Park Tae Joon stated through the author's note on the 301st episode of 'Lookism' that he had not gone outside most of the time. He stated, "I almost never went outside but still tested positive for COVID19. I'm currently at the hospital and trying to meet deadlines as I receive treatments but it's not easy. I hope my readers be careful of the virus and maintain your health."

Also, Park Tae Joon explained about the COVID19 symptoms he had through his Facebook. He stated, "My senses of taste and smell are gone. I have a fever of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). I'm also coughing severely and my whole body aches. I also get sudden chills where I shiver a lot for an hour. The most difficult part about this is I feel nauseous when trying to work."

He also was touched by the healthcare workers as he stated that they were sacrificing themselves to help others. He stated, "I'm very touched by the healthcare workers. They're very kind and really sacrifice themselves to help others. I will complete my treatment and return healthy."

However, many netizens are wondering how the webtoon artist contracted the virus despite staying at home most of the time. Some netizens commented that the webtoon artist had not, in fact, stayed at home. One netizen commented, "I saw on his Instagram that he traveled to Jeju island and went to cafes. He didn't just stay at home."
Meanwhile, Park Tae Joon made an appearance on the famous TV variety show 'Uljjang Sidae' (literal translation: The age of the good looking) and successfully became a webtoon artist as he started the series 'Lookism' back in 2014.

Netizen's commented

"He's gone to a lot of places. He went to Jeju Island, ate at restaurants and cafes (suspecting that he had his mask off)... To my standard, you were living your life normally and not quarantining."

"I saw on your Instagram that you went to Jeju Island for vacation and went to cafes near your home. Maybe you contracted it there. Either way, hope you get better."
"He's very sick but has the strength to take selfies. LOL."

"Man, how did you get sick if you stayed home most of the time?"

"What does he mean, 'I almost never went outside but still tested positive for COVID19.' is he trying to make us scared saying you can get the virus even though you don't go out most of the time?"

"I hope you can be honest about where you went and how you got it instead of saying you stayed home but still got the virus."

"That makes no sense that you still got the virus when you stayed home most of the time."

"I saw on your Instagram, you went to a lot of places without a mask...To be honest, if you properly wear a mask and sanitize, you can prevent infection."

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mocchimar1450 pts Friday, August 21, 2020 0
Friday, August 21, 2020

I was reading about how this woman caught the virus eventho she stayed isolated most of the time. The keyword here is most of the time. It only takes one time to get exposed. It’s also important to be conscious of how often we touch our face and do hand hygiene amongst other things. Stay healthy everyone.



nina97x11,693 pts Friday, August 21, 2020 2
Friday, August 21, 2020

Delivery person, apartment use/elevators or passing any stranger or any minor intersection.


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