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BTS members react to the "Dynamite" MV as they talk about the behind-the-scenes stories and more


It has become a tradition for the BTS members to sit down together and watch the release of their MV to their newly released songs. Every time, the group releases a new song, the band members come together to share their thoughts as they hold a commentary session about the music video.

And without a doubt, the BTS members have come together to watch the MV and share their thoughts about the result of their hard work.

On August 21nd KST, the BTS members held another commentary session for their new all English single "Dynamite". This was a bit more special than the other MV viewing because it was their first time ever singing completely in English.

The members started off the Vlive session as they greeted their fans. The members were glad to see the positive reactions to the song and stated that they were nervous as well as excited right before the release.

The members all said they did not watch the completed version of the MV yet to watch it together with the members. That's when the youngest member Jungkook whispered that he had watched it. RM is the only one who heard Jungkook and went to shake Jungkook stating, "Let's watch it and act like it's the first time watching it."

The members finally began the MV as the members all concentrated on tuning in. 

While watching the MV, they complimented each other and also wished they can do certain parts better. BTS also revealed that the MV was filmed in an old method in which the camera was fixed in place to give off a more retro feeling.

It was revealed on this day that the whole music video was recorded indoors and computer graphics were used to make it seem like the members were outdoors.

The members joked that the day of the MV recording was so sunny and nice but in actuality, they filmed the music video during the monsoon period so it had rained all day.

SUGA said he was half in doubt about the computer graphics but was amazed that they actually look like they're outdoors with sunny weather.

The members also asked Jimin why he pointed his fingers and said "Pow" at the beginning of the MV, in which Jimin replied that the director told him to do it. Jimin said that he had just pointed his fingers at the camera at first because it was awkward to just stand there. Then the director told him to add the "Pow" sound. Jimin made everyone laugh when he said, "I usually like the left side of my face but here I'm showing my right side. So all I can see are my nostrils right now."

The members talked about more behind-the-scenes stories as they enjoyed their time with each other.

The members stated that they took a long time to film the music video and they have various scenes that were not included in the final piece. BTS stated they plan to release some of the directors' cut footage soon.

You can watch the complete commentary down below:

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armystan71,695 pts Friday, August 21, 2020 0
Friday, August 21, 2020

Lmao awww Jimin....only you would see that .....you looked so adorable in this MV.

OKAY RUMOR TIME: In the MV comment section people are noticing a couple of things 1) Suga is wearing a Space Jam jersey and 2) Jungkook mentions Lebron James in his lyrics which means.....I'm 85% certain this is going to be the title track for the NEW SPACE JAM 2 MOVIE!!!!! AHHHHHH and because of covid I think it would be fitting for their TinyTan counterparts to attend the premiere. Just saying. Do it.



xx-jenn-xx5,766 pts Friday, August 21, 2020 3
Friday, August 21, 2020

BTS ain't mad about line distribution everyone should calmmm down....They seem quite happy and content...I'm glad they had fun filming it.


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