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Which dramas and variety shows heated up the internet with their popularity during the first half of 2020?


The most popular dramas for the first half of this year was tvN's 'Crashing Landing On You', JTBC's 'The World of the Married', and 'Itaewon Class'. The popularity of the trot genre continued from last year as the most popular variety shows for the first half of this year is TV Chosun's 'Mr. Trot', 'The Taste of Mr Trot', and 'Romantic Call Centre.' - which are all the shows that the trot singers from 'Mr. Trot' star in.

On July 28th KST, the Korea Communications Commission released the results of the 'Survey on Internet Responses for Broadcasting Contents in the First Half of 2020'. The Korea Communication Commission investigates and discloses viewer ratings including internet responses (such as online posts, comments, video views, and news articles) every week in order to present netizen responses, and preferences for broadcasting content values.

The survey was based on comments, viewer ratings, and internet responses of TV dramas, major variety shows, and educational programs which aired in the first half of 2020.

As a result, many netizens showed much interest in 'Crash Landing On You' because of the male protagonist role played by actor Hyun Bin and the storyline. Netizens showed much interest in 'The World of the Married' because it was a remake from a British TV show, had a shocking storyline, and netizens were amazed by the acting skills of the cast members. 'Itaewon Class' received much love and interest because it was based on a popular Webtoon series. Many netizens were also interested in 'Itaewon Class' because of the cast members and the fantastic original soundtrack for the drama.

For the variety show which had the most responses on the internet was TV Chosun's 'Mr. Trot', 'The Taste of Mr. Trot', and 'Romantic Call Centre'.  The trot singers from 'Mr. Trot' appear in all three shows as they participate in various events.  The variety shows pertaining to trot singers had the most views and highest viewer rating for the first half of the year. This shows the continuation of the 'Trot Wave' and proves the popularity of trot singers such as Lim Young Woong, who has been receiving an immense amount of love from middle-aged women fans.

Lastly, 'Giant Peng TV' proved to be an internet sensation with 9,491 comments and a high number of views in the educational program section. Pengsoo is a TV character that is a penguin who dreams of becoming world-famous. He has gained a huge fan base in Korea with his "anti-hero" role breaking the social norm of Korea. 

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Now if you like those here you have few recomms:

Crash Landing on You -=> It's okay to not be okay
Itaewon Class -=> Backstreet Rookie (Saetbyul convenience store)
The World of the Married -=> Graceful Friends

and I will add one that's not on the list above:
Memorist -=> Good Detective

Now you can move from winter/spring through the summer with new hit series.



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