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Netizens angered at a 'Video Star' guest who couldn't recognize Dara and said "all pretty girls in Korea look the same because they all get plastic surgery from the same place"


Recently, a netizen posted on an online community expressing her anger towards a past guest who appeared on MBC Every 1's show 'Video Star'.

This episode aired back in 2019 but the netizen had found the episode recently and was watching when she became angered. The guests who appeared on the show were Bocheng and Bruno. They were the first-generation foreigner celebrities to appear on Korean television 16 years ago. They appeared in an educational television channel as they experienced the culture of Korea.

They appeared on 'Video Star' as netizens were curious about where they were since there are more foreigners appearing on Korean television nowadays.

All things were going well until one of the guests, Bocheng who came from Hong Kong, was asked if he knew who Dara was. He said he didn't know who she was and went on to say "For some reason, the pretty girls in Korea all look the same." The hosts wondered what he meant but were taken aback when he continued to say "They all look the same probably because they all get plastic surgery from the same doctor."

You can clearly see the baffled facial expression on Dara as netizens were quickly angered by his claim. Host, Park Na Rae went on to say that she was the only person there from the hosts who actually got plastic surgery.

This episode was mentioned again in the online community and netizens could not hide their anger towards Bocheng.

Netizens' commented:

"Why is he being so rude saying something like that?"

"He shouldn't generalize pretty girls saying they all got plastic surgery."

"I don't know who he is but he's being super rude."

"LOL, so many Chinese people and Japanese people come to Korea to get plastic surgery."

"Sandara park didn't' get plastic surgery. she's been looking the same since she promoted in Philipines when she was young."

"Why does he have to say that right after they asked if he knew Sandara? So rude. is he trying to say she's pretty because she got plastic surgery?"

"What's with him."

"He's so rude."

"Wtheck. He's super rude."

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taeswife061310,538 pts Thursday, July 16, 2020 6
Thursday, July 16, 2020

Why would you say that?! Like just why would you let that leave your mouth?! Much less on live television?! There are so many Korean women who don't/didn't get plastic surgery and what is with "they all look the same thing?" Am I the only one who smells racist-trash here?!


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boydragontherice807 pts Thursday, July 16, 2020 7
Thursday, July 16, 2020

Oh great. Another stereotypical misogynist who doesnt understand that just because you can say something doesnt mean you should. I dont know this person but he gives off strong incel vibes.


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