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Pentagon's Hongseok under fire for allegedly rude comments about ONF


Pentagon's Hongseok is under fire for allegedly making rude comments about ONF.

The Pentagon member held a V Live stream on June 2, and his comments are belatedly receiving negative attention. Pentagon and ONF are both competitors on Mnet's competitive reality show 'Road to Kingdom', and the groups are known for their friendship on the show.

Hongseok revealed ONF's E-Tion had recommended the songs "Moscow Moscow", "Asteroid", and "If You Dream" to him, and he wondered why he'd only recommended 3 of ONF's songs. He further commented on the track "Asteroid", which ONF released in October of 2019, as Pentagon have a track by the same title released in February of this year. Hongseok stated, "I honestly think our 'Asteroid' is a bit better even though ONF's is good too."

He further shared that when E-Tion asked for recommendations, he suggested 20-30 of Pentagon's tracks but did not recommend "Asteroid". Hongseok explained, "If E-Tion recommends his group's song 'Asteroid', and then I suggest ours to him, he could receive a shock and feel as if they were sheltered and couldn't see the big picture. He might have thought his 'Asteroid' was the best, but would realize that other people's 'Asteroid' was also good. I didn't want to shock him." He later added, "If I recommend people the song 'Asteroid', people would only listen to our song."

While some netizens criticized Hongseok's comments, others explained his comments were harmless and the two groups are friends. What are your thoughts on Hongseok's comments?

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lunatic-lady1,590 pts Tuesday, June 16, 2020 6
Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Am I the only one who thinks he's just being playful and it's harmless? My friends and I diss each other all the time even worse than that lol, it just shows they're close enough to tease like that.


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ambersky11729 pts Tuesday, June 16, 2020 0
Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Hongseok joked about how he doesn't want to recommend ONF to listen to Pentagon's Asteroid as he doesn't want ONF to realize that there is a better Asteroid than theirs. I see no harm to this comment and I thought it was just a joke. and the fact that both groups are best friends and UNIFUSES are going to get married helps support that he was just joke. PLEASE don't hate on both groups, and PLEASE don't ruin the friendship between the two.



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