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Girls' Generation's YoonA reveals her new car


Netizens are talking about Girls' Generation's YoonA's new car.

On June 6th episode of tvN's 'ON & OFF', YoonA shared her daily life and the viewers spotted she was driving a Porche. tvN's fusion documentary-reality program 'ON&OFF' allows various celebrities to share both the 'ON' (out in society) and 'OFF' (at home) moments of their lives in an observational format. The exact model of her new car is still unknown, however, it is definitely an upgrade from her previous car Volkswagen scirocco.

Netizens commented"Did she really had to show how wealthy she is during this time?""She can afford it. Even some YouTubers drive Lamborghini. You are just jealous lol", "She maintained her position as a top-tier idol and actress without any major scandal. She deserves it.", "I think she is really humble driving a Porsche. She could easily afford much more expensive cars such as Lamborghini or McLaren."

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begseeya930 pts Sunday, June 7, 2020 11
Sunday, June 7, 2020

So modest, A Porsche is nothing at Kpop Queen Yoonas level, she is literally the Richest korean solo female artist in SM (according to korean tvNews and even Forbes) she can buy multiple luxurious cars, but she is too humble and smart and always prefers to use her money wisely making successful investments and also helping and making millionaire donations year after year.


Queen Yoona can really make everything very well, she is a smart and multitalented artist and too hardworker. she is not lazy.

she is jjang ~~~ I feel so proud of her.

'Yoona' trended at #1 and 'Im Yoona' trending at #7 on Naver real time search! (Entertainment category/Overall)

The videos of YoonA on 'On & Off' official cuts 're trending in Top100 on Naver .








her impact!!! still so awesome ! ! ! congratz Queen of Queens!!


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landoxenf1,123 pts Sunday, June 7, 2020 10
Sunday, June 7, 2020

"I think she is really humble driving a Porsche. She could easily afford much more expensive cars such as Lamborghini or McLaren."
Right, Yoona is the most hardworker, the most multitalented, the most awarded, and the richest snsd member,even she ranked #1 as the Richest k-celebrity in 2011 with more than 43 MILLION USD ( 50+ BILLION WON), she is also the most popular snsd member by general public, but She ALWAYS so HUMBLE & MODEST!.

Currently she must to have more 200+ MILLION USD for sure.


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