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Citizens express their complaints regarding Red Velvet Joy and Seulgi’s subway announcements


Citizens are filing civil complaints asking for Red Velvet Joy and Seulgi’s voiceover announcements to stop playing in the subways, leading to netizens discussing the pros and cons of the situation.

Joy and Seulgi’s voices were recorded for subway announcements through a collaboration between SM Entertainment and the Seoul Metro. You can check out the announcement in a subway car in the video below.

The two idols had donated their time to speak for the voiceover playing in the 1st to 8th lines, but some citizens have been posting civil complaints on the Seoul Metro’s online bulletin board saying that they don’t want to hear Joy or Seulgi’s voices and that the announcements make it so that they have reduced trust in the subway.

Complaints included:

“If you’re going to spend money on this, improve the environment of the subway instead.”

“I am sick of broadcasts where only the speaker is happy.”

“I am already sensitive because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. I don’t feel positive when I hear the voices of celebrities, who make much more profit than regular people.”

But others have been expressing their inability to empathize with the complaints, saying:

“It can be a hit or miss, but for this issue isn’t this just take out your issues on them?”

“People are bothered by all sorts of things these days.”

“The weather is hot and wearing a mask is stuff. My mood changes for the better when I hear Joy and Seulgi’s voices.”

“I have no opinion on it even though I hear it all the time going to and coming back from work.”

The Seoul Metro replied to the ongoing issue, stating: “Due to celebrities donating their time, we were able to use an announcement that helps passengers comply with public orders and prevents accidents due to safety. We recorded the announcement because we wanted to use celebrities’ popularities to improve the system. The contract states that the announcement can be used for one year starting in April, and afterward we will actively revise the issue as well as apply the relevant opinions at the proper time.”

 What do you think of this issue?

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markel90001,357 pts Thursday, May 21, 2020 3
Thursday, May 21, 2020

It sounds like people complaining just cause they dont like celebrities. Im not sure if the they did it for free or not since it says they donated their time but to complain that it makes you bother cause coronavirus is such a big stretch.


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nctskzen76 pts Thursday, May 21, 2020 12
Thursday, May 21, 2020

My word, do people have to be so contrary on literally everything? They're subway announcements, who cares?

My favorite quote here is:
"I am sick of broadcasts where only the speaker is happy.

??????? Isn't that the point of the announcements, to positively bring you information? How would you like someone who sounds monotone to be screaming in your ear for an hour?


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