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Hong Suk Chun says Hara's mother asked for photo at late idol star's funeral


Comedian and TV personalityHong Suk Chun revealed Hara's mother asked for a photo with him at the late idol star's funeral.

Hara's brother previously revealed their mother had asked for photos from celebrities at her own daughter's funeral, and Hong Suk Chun confirmed the claims on the April 13th episode of Channel A's 'Rumor Has It'. He revealed, "I went to the first day of [Hara's memorial], and a random person greeted me very happy to see me."

Hong Suk Chun described what happened, saying, "She was touching my hands and asking for a handshake, saying, 'You're someone I saw on TV. Can I take a photo with you?' I politely turned her down and said, 'This is a house of mourning, so I would feel apologetic.'" He continued, "I was in my seat for a while, and that person kept coming back and forth continuously, so I asked people around me who that was. I found out that it was Hara's mother."

He further revealed the atmosphere was out of the ordinary for a funeral, saying, "Hara's mother was already discussing property and wealth issues in a voice that could be heard... The family and close people around her probably heard what she said, and everyone was talking about how they were worried about that."

In related news
, Hara's brother is filing a lawsuit against their mother, who has been absent for most of their lives, to prevent her from acquiring Hara's assets. He's also started a petition for the 'Goo Hara Act', which will change the way assets are acquired by absent parents when their unmarried children pass.

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baechufan1,244 pts Wednesday, April 15, 2020 1
Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The pathetic excuse of a mother can rot in hell. How could someone be so obsessed over inheritance? I hope that she’ll get properly diagnosed by a psychiatrist, because this is ain’t it chief.

Kudos to Hong Suk Chun for speaking up about it.


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Anpanromane243 pts Wednesday, April 15, 2020 1
Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Is there an ounce of decency in her? I already believed Hara's brother but to know it's even worse is awful.


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