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'Running Man' criticized for insinuating love line between Jeon So Min and Ji Suk Jin


'Running Man' is receiving criticism for insinuating romance between Jeon So Min and Ji Suk Jin.

On the February 23rd installment of 'Running Man', the cast members teased Ji Suk Jin for allegedly having a crush on Jeon So Min. After using Ji Suk Jin's car, Kim Jong Kook revealed that there was a picture of Jeon So Min stuck next to the front passenger seat, along with Ji Suk Jin's photo in the driver's seat.

Before giving Ji Suk Jin a chance to explain, the other cast members commented, "No wonder he [Ji Suk Jin] has been rude toward Yang Se Chan (who has an ongoing love line with Jeon So Min in the program).

As he quickly clarified that his manager pasted that photo, Ji Suk Jin revealed, "I don't drive that car, I only use it when I go to schedules."

Kim Jong Kook then added that Ji Suk Jin "recently bought a woman's handbag," judging by a receipt for a luxury bag found in the same car.

Ji Suk Jin once again defended himself, "I have never bought one. That's not my credit card. Check the number to see whose it is," but the members kept teasing him, even looking into the camera to virtually ask Ji Suk Jin's wife, "Sister-in-law [addressing his wife], you received the bag, right?

Although the skit was to create a playful scene around Ji Suk Jin, netizens responded coldly by saying that it was a disrespectful move toward Ji Suk Jin and his family, including his wife and son.

"I swear to the heavens that I only found out today that there was a picture there," said Ji Suk Jin. "You guys don't even have to edit this out. I have nothing to hide. My wife knows everything."

In the preview for next week's episode, this potential 'love line' is expected to continue. However, netizens assume that those scenes will eventually be edited, judging by the negative reactions spreading online.

(subtitles) "the foolish love affair keeps appearing before it gets forgotten"

"the foolish love affair (?) has not ended yet"

Some comments include: "They have tried this love line before; it was funny for a bit but not for a running joke", "Ji Suk Jin has a son who is in high school, don't yall think this is rude?", "Why are they obsessing over creating a love line?!", "Jeon So Min looked really uncomfortable", "They actually used the word 'affair' for the subtitles? They are crazy", "A love line with a married man...that's too much", "How are we supposed to laugh at this"

What do you think of this issue?

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LoveKpopfromAust4,070 pts Sunday, February 23, 2020 2
Sunday, February 23, 2020

I agree with the netizens on this one. Ji Suk Jin is married and has a son in school. Yes, it's an absurd joke but you have to consider his son and the potential of him being bullied or what not due to this. Kids can be cruel. Not cool.


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wizone4life392 pts Sunday, February 23, 2020 0
Sunday, February 23, 2020

I don't think why they need loveline. Running Man is good without loveline. Even though I like JSM and YSC loveline. However, I don't know why they include JSJ since he is a married man afterall.



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