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Netizens love seeing moments of Davichi members temporarily living together (ft. Kang Min Kyung the Parasite)


Netizens are following the fun lives of Davichi members as they are temporarily living together at the moment.

Recently, Lee Hae Ri began hosting Kang Min Kyung as a temporarily resident in her apartment. On Instagram, Lee Hae Ri posted an image of Kang Min Kyung with her pet dog Hyooji, taken right before leaving the house for work.

In the captions, she wrote: "Did our fathers feel this way everyday before leaving for work? #MasterWillBeBackFromWork #TakeGoodCareOfTheHome #IWillBuyKingCrabOnTheWayHome #TheWeightOnMyShoulders"

With the same image, Kang Min Kyung also made a post, calling herself a "parasite" for making use of Lee Hae Ri's home as her own.

"The diary of SaengChoong (short for 'parasite') [...] Hyooji, this place is ours now."

Because Kang Min Kyung is staying at Lee Hae Ri's for free, the two are constantly joking about Kang Min Kyung having to do all the house chores while Lee Hae Ri is out for work.

Kang Min Kyung comments on Instagram, "The laundry is done", and Lee Hae Ri would reply, "Okay, start moving your body" (aka. 'keep working').

And when Lee Hae Ri signals that she is on her way home, Kang Min Kyung would write, "Okay...come home quick".

Despite the cheeky tones, on Instagram story, Lee Hae Ri showed gratitude and love for Kang Min Kyung, with photos of her temporary housemate having perfectly cleaned and organized her kitchen, folded the laundry, and even running errands to buy coffee and pastries for breakfast.

Seeing these moments, netizens commented on the "true friendship" between the duo. Some comments include: "Davichi are real friends lol better than siblings; my sister wouldn't do that for me...", "These girls will last for a long time as singers, they have good teamwork", "They are both comical characters, whenever I get gloomy I would go on YouTube to see their videos..."

Would you like to have either one of these members as a housemate?

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LoveKpopfromAust2,588 pts Sunday, February 23, 2020 2
Sunday, February 23, 2020

What a great article and story. A great way to the start the day! Davichi ... love their music and their fun loving nature.


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gureumcloud212 pts Monday, February 24, 2020 0
Monday, February 24, 2020
She actually says "quickly please don't come home." Doesn't translate super well but she's being cheeky, which I think is a bit cuter.



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