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Japanese Females Voted For Their Favourite KPOP Male Group


Japanese Network Business CM surveyed 1,723 females in their 10s to 40s about their favorite KPOP group. The quotes are belong to CM. Translated directly.
source: CM-Rankingoo

1-TVXQ(424 votes)

"TVXQ is the most popular group in Japan even in their 16th anniversary. TVXQ's other members left the group in the past but they are still standing. True idols!"

2-BTS(138 votes)

"BTS is a 7-member idol group not only popular in Korea but worldwide. In South Korea, they collaborated with Starbucks and their popularity continues to grow."

3-BIGBANG(101 votes)

"BIGBANG is so popular in Japan that it's said "KPOP is BIGBANG". BIGBANG's songs' lyrics and composition are often handled by member G-Dragon and every release is a hit."

4-TXT(76 votes)

"TXT is a rookie group who debuted as BTS' junior group. Many people noticed their charm whn they appeared on Music Station."

5-SUPER JUNIOR(69 votes)

"Super Junior is a senior group in SM Entertainment and KPOP world. All members are good at variety and many people seem to attracted to their sense of humor."

6-SHINee(63 votes)

"SHINee is a group that treats their fans so good and this hasn't changed since their debut."

7-EXO(62 votes)

"EXO is a popular group of SM Entertainment not only in Korea but worldwide." 

8-SEVENTEEN(55 votes)

"13-member popular group Seventeen belongs to Pledies Entertainment and the performance of 13 is a masterpiece!"

9-INFINITE(49 votes)

"INFINITE is famous that the members get along with each other. The other reason of their popularity is their unique personality."

10, 11-MYTEEN & GOT7(46 votes)
12, 13-THE BOYZ & NCT
(45 votes)
(44 votes)
(42 votes)
16, 17, 18-VIXX, WINNER, BTOB
(40 votes)
(39 votes)
(38 votes)

  1. ASTRO
  2. Big Bang
  3. BTOB
  4. BTS
  5. EXO
  6. GOT7
  7. iKON
  9. KNK
  10. MONSTA X
  11. MYTEEN
  12. NCT
  13. Seventeen
  14. SHINee
  15. Super Junior
  16. The Boyz
  17. TVXQ
  18. TXT
  19. VIXX
  20. WINNER
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Boorjoo482 pts Monday, February 24, 2020 14
Monday, February 24, 2020

TVXQ is considered as a national idol in Japan :) They are the reason of why Kpop has become mainstream there. Yunho and Changmin are doing well even without JYJ aka the most popular ones in TVXQ


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1234xyz2,544 pts Monday, February 24, 2020 0
Monday, February 24, 2020

Happy to see BIGBANG and SHINee!

Proud as hell! ❤

Congrats TVXQ!! I have seen the impact they have in Japan and it's clearly no joke!

I wasn't actually expecting to see iKON and WINNER here but I'm still happy and proud for both groups too ❤❤



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