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BTS talk about their new album 'Map of the Soul: 7,' Working With Halsey, Dream Collaborations, and More on 'New Music Daily with Zane Lowe'


Right before releasing their new album 'Map of the Soul : 7', BTS checked in with Zane Lowe on 'New Music Daily' and talked about their new album and new song “On.

They discuss playing early shows to small audiences and how they’ve become tighter musically. They also chat about working with Halsey (and say she was the nicest and most down-to-earth artist they’ve ever met), reminisce about performing at the Grammys with Lil Nas X, and say they’d love to work with The Weeknd in the future.

BTS Tell Apple Music About New Song “On”….

“It's like a, like a big diary for our past seven years. So I just want to say it's like a, what is it? Like, shrink version of the whole BTS identity. It's, it's kind of about that, you know, we could stumble from time to time but we get, we got back up. And so, like, 'On' is, like, when did people first hear about the title 'On'? It's like, what's 'On'? You know, it's like, it's very brief. When we say On it's like, we on, or, like, on air. It's like, bring it on. We, we could like imagine it many things. Yeah, so it's like a declaration for that we have admitted our, like, destiny, you know, all the, all the pains and all the shadows.”

BTS Tell Apple Music About What Has Changed Over The Past Seven Years…

“Many things changed, um, members got really handsome right now. And, um, I think, we did expand our musical spectrum. And everything has been upscaled, um, like in 2013 we had a performance in front of, like, 300 people, 500 people. But now we're doing the stadiums tour so I think every-everything got bigger and happier and, yeah.”

BTS Tell Apple Music About Relating To Fans Around The World…

“I think there are so many people in the world that experience the same thing with us and that's why they can relate to us and our message. There are so many people in this world with different race and they are different people but I think the sufferings that we have are all similar. And that's why I think many people can relate to us with our music.”

BTS Tell Apple Music About Collaborating With Halsey…

“She's kind and she's nice. She was the nicest artist that we have ever seen. Actually was, like, more, more than expected and she just told us that she had never, um, like, officially had a dance performance in her stage. So it was like, um, it's like a cha-challenge for her too. So before she came to our music video, like, she practiced so hard, hard for that short routines- No we were with Halsey, so, like, she was so honest, um, nice. Very down to earth. She's very adorable.”

BTS Tell Apple Music Who They Want To Collaborate With…

“The Weeknd!”

Listen to the full episode of New Music Daily with Zane Lowe at apple.co/nmdb1.

Credit: New Music Daily with Zane Lowe on Apple Music.

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nina97x4,479 pts Friday, February 21, 2020 2
Friday, February 21, 2020

Interviewers are honestly failing us. *sigh* we KNOW what it was like working with Halsey from the past 20 other interviews. We know what artist they want to collab w/ from every single interview. That must be every Interviewers go-to question. Honestly you have the biggest boy group since Beatles and this is what you waste their time on. We want to know about the album!! The writing process. Who they’re currently working with SIA! Individual goals and projects. Gosh no wonder V and Suga always looks bored and annoyed at interviews. Ask them questions with substance not this stupid played out shit. (We love Halsey but come on they’re no longer collaborators they’re friends).


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armystan71,464 pts Friday, February 21, 2020 0
Friday, February 21, 2020

Even though this article is very positive it really annoys me that the reporter included all of RMs ums, yeah, and even a stutter. I only took journalism in highschool but it's legit the basics to smooth out interviewees responses. Why would anyone write an article this way is beyond me, I've never seen a reporter do this, pretty unprofessional.



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