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Netizens leave hilariously self-indulgent comments under articles speculating on new year's dating news


It's January 1, 2020 KST, and everyone's got their hopes high for the juicy, New Year's dating exclusive via 'Dispatch'!

Various media outlets even published speculative articles, asking, "Who will be the main stars of this year's January 1 'Dispatch' dating news?".

But rather than blowing speculations out of proportion, this year, K-Pop fans decided to take on a more lighthearted, joking approach. They decided to leave some hilariously self-indulgent comments; read some of them for yourself below!

User: Me and Seokjin
User: Me and Sunggyu (heart)(heart)
User: It's me and Jimin
User: It's me and Sunmi hehe. Lee Sunmi I love you
User: Me and Lee Taemin hehe...

User: Jaemin, I think we got caught......
User: What do we do Seungwoo oppa, they're gonna publish news about us...
User: Sehun... I think they're talking about us...
User: Taehyung, let's just admit it TT

User: It's me and Jimin~^^
User: Me and P.O~~ I guess we got caught~~^^
User: Jaemin we should have been more careful keke
User: Donghyukkkk what should we do TT

User: Me and Ha Jung Woo.. (heart)
User: It's me and Baekhyun ^^ Oh yeah and also Bae Suzy and Bae Joohyun too!
User: It's me and Changkyunsss~^^

User: It's me and EXO TT. I have multiple boyfriends so it's gonna end up being a huge scandal TTTT
User: It's me and Park Sungjin, Park Jaehyung, Kang Younghyun, Kim Wonpil, Yoon Dowoon TT
User: It's me and X1's Cha Jun Ho <
User: It's me and Ong Seong Wu hehe. In the end, we got caught TT

Of course, some people reacted to the rampant comments with input like:

User: The comments here are screwed up kekekeke

User: Kekeke what's the deal with this comment section...? Kekekeke

User: It's me and Yeonjun ^^
User: I wonder what an amazing person this "me" is to have this many dating scandals with all these celebrities kekekeke

Do you think 2020 will start off with some major dating scandals?

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Winston3,334 pts Wednesday, January 1, 2020 13
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Usually, Dispatch has info on a celebrity dating scandal which they keep to be released on Jan 1 of every year.

i suspect this year they originally planned to reveal about DBSK Changmin dating news, but after approaching him/SM, changmin decided to reveal it himself instead of letting Dispatch have the honors and revealed it ahead of time. hence Breaking Dispatch's scoop on Jan 1.


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mocchimar1200 pts Wednesday, January 1, 2020 0
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

When perception on public dating changes in SK. Dispatch would be losing a lot of money. Hope it happens sooner than later



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