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Netizens compare Cherry Bullet's sudden member losses to Momoland's recent situation


On December 13, FNC Entertainment shocked fans by abruptly announcing Mirae, Kokoro, and Linlin's departure from rookie girl group Cherry Bullet

Some netizens couldn't help but notice that there were similarities between Cherry Bullet's loss of 3 members today, and Momoland's loss of 2 members back on November 30. 

Fans of Momoland know that even before members Yeonwoo and Taeha's official departure announcement from the girl group last month, it was difficult to see Taeha as well as Daisy, who is currently on hiatus, promoting with the group. Many fans were angry that for approximately 8 months prior to her departure from the group, Taeha was absent from the majority of Momoland's promotions without any explanation from the agency. 

Then, immediately after MLD Entertainment's official statement confirming Momoland's regrouping as 6-members, Taeha opened up her personal Instagram, thanking fans for the love she received in her former group. 

Similar to Momoland, fans of Cherry Bullet began to notice some time earlier this year that the number or promoting members within the group dwindled down from the original 10. The rookie girl group debuted under FNC Entertainment in January of 2019, with 6 Korean members, 3 Japanese members, and 1 Chinese member.

But back in August of this year, fans noticed Cherry Bullet attending the Chuseok special 'Idol Star Athletics Championship' as only 8 members, with Kokoro and Linlin missing. According to fans, Kokoro and Linlin did not attend any of Cherry Bullet's schedules since August. 

Furthermore, on November 1, fans were furious when neither FNC Entertainment or Cherry Bullet's official SNS accounts acknowledged member Kokoro's birthday. Fan galleries banded together to demand feedback from the label.

By mid-November, Cherry Bullet was spotted promoting as 7-members, with another member Mirae absent. 

On November 28, Linlin suddenly opened up a personal Instagram account, greeting fans for the first time in 4 months. While fans were relieved to see her doing well, they also pointed out that Linlin did not mention her group Cherry Bullet or her stage name anywhere on her profile, and became concerned that she would eventually leave the group. 

On December 2, Linlin shared a post on Instagram with the comment, "It's photo that Koko-nim took for me~~". Fans were once again angered as they noticed that Linlin and Kokoro were still in Korea, not 'overseas'. Some fans had received unofficial responses from FNC reps that Kokoro and Linlin were out of the country due to reasons related to their education. 

Now, with Cherry Bullet's abrupt loss of 3 members in one day, netizens are reacting with comments like, "I can't help but feel like they were thrown out without any voice in the matter TT", "One more member to go and then they'll be 6-members, Momoland basically", "Wow is it me or did they get rid of the 3 cutest members.. so they can come back with a sexy concept.. but srsly how can you cut Mirae, how...", "You literally picked the worst members to kick out, they were the most popular", "I remember AOA lost members just like this", "Why are the news articles coming up just now, it's been forever since those members disappeared", and more. 

What do you think of Cherry Bullet's latest situation?

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EvieNyx284 pts Friday, December 13, 2019 0
Friday, December 13, 2019

When will companies learn to treat their idols better and be more transparent with us. Its not that hard. Just look at the most successful groups these days and learn a trick or two please.



ruben1,043 pts Friday, December 13, 2019 4
Friday, December 13, 2019

the AOA comment doesnt make any sense. AOA loses one member in 2016, ChoA the next year, and Mina the following year. So whats the point?


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