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Gagman Choi Young Soo states he didn't hit Busters' Chaeyeon, says he feels wronged


Gagman Choi Young Soo complained that he felt he was being unjustly judged in a new interview with Spotv. The comedian was caught in controversy and eventually fired after footage showed him allegedly hitting Busters' Chaeyeon on a live broadcast. 

Choi Young Soo stated that the two had a "close relationship" and that the scene captured in the footage was role-playing. He stated: "I usually play with Chaeyeon because we are really close. You could have misunderstood by seeing it at the angle." He continued, stating that he felt wronged for being fired after being with EBS for 13 years. 

He continued, stating that he was "most concerned about Chaeyeon. We met today and she cried when she saw me. She felt guilty that her uncle was in this state because of her. She must have been hurt. I am most worried about her. I sincerely reflect upon this controversy." 

However, netizens aren't taking Choi Young Soo's claims seriously, stating: 

"The video doesn't seem like a joke..."

"Look at your expression in the video. What a low life."

"Don't leave the victim and abuser together."

What do you think of this situation? 

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seventeenaoty900 pts Wednesday, December 11, 2019 6
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Why does it feel like he's blaming her? He's not "in a state because of her," he's in it because he took inappropriate actions on live TV. It wasn't just the hitting but the abusive language as well. Maybe he has always played with her inappropriately, but this time everyone saw it and no one liked it. Children don't advocate for themselves well. They typically will let people they view as friends treat them in inappropriate ways. They always want to be liked and not cause trouble. They're also tenderhearted and feel sympathy for abusers. None of this makes him innocent and wronged


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Anubis33562,568 pts Wednesday, December 11, 2019 1
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

He can go fuck himself. This is the first time I see the actual footage and he looks like a fucking psychopath. She is like a little girl, doing silly things. Who in his or her right mind would react like that?.

thats not how someone older should treat someone younger. There are lots of cases that serve as an example - take a look at Heechul. He is always working with younger artists and the guy is a saint, fooling around with them and everything.

this guy might have anger issues.

poor girl.


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