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'Produce x 101' producers officially arrested in vote-rigging investigation


'Produce x 101' producers Ahn Joon Young and Kim Yong Bum have officially been arrested in the ongoing vote-rigging investigation.

As previously reported, Head Producer Ahn Joon Young, Chief Producer Kim, Producer Lee, CJ ENM staff member Kim, and a Vice President of Starship Entertainment were called in for police questioning on November 5 regarding the ongoing vote-rigging allegations against Mnet's 'Produce x 101'.

It's now been reported Judge Myung Jae Kwon has decided Ahn Joon Young and Kim Yong Bum's arrest warrants requested on October 30 are valid, and both CJENM producers will be placed under arrest. The judge stated, "A big portion of the criminal charges have been explained, which shows this is an important issue. When I consider Ahn Joon Young's role in this case and the police investigation until now, I deem that imprisonment is both necessary and reasonable." These pretrial detention warrants against Ahn Joon Young and Kim Yong Bum will ensure both suspects do not attempt to destroy evidence or flee the country.

The arrest warrants for the others called in for questioning have been dismissed as they've acknowledged their crimes or police have gathered sufficient evidence for their crimes, and their imprisonment would not be required for the investigation.

In other news, Ahn Joon Young is suspected of receiving entertainment at adult businesses from an agency involved in 'Produce x 101'.

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Kkkpopvvv4,218 pts Tuesday, November 5, 2019 10
Tuesday, November 5, 2019

No offense really but I dont think the groups that won should promote after this. Like some, trainees were robbed of their chances of getting attention through unfair editing, others were shown for attention only for a little for drama to push someone else. Out of 100 people only like exactly 30-40 got screen time. The rest did not even get a chance. The groups that were formed did not know its not their fault but I do think that some groups from few agencies that came on these type of shows were instructed on who to make the center of attention so that the agency can push that person. It was quite obvious especially with the japanese treinees there was attention only Sakura and few others while trustme the rest were equality as good and a mess next to the korean treinees it was obvious it was rigged at some point to me and that is why that olde japanese akb48 member I dont remember her name dropped out they never planned her in the line up since the beginning since she would not fit the group image with her strong persona and presence even though she was the most talented in all the japanese in my opinion. Even the 3 funny trio to be honest deserved a chance. Like where is the justice for those who thought this was their chance and for the small companies with little money? Also thsoe 2 treinees from YGs sub company were legit good and at the top but editing made them seem stuck up...Knew from that moment Mnet did not want them in the group. If you are talented but dont fit the image you will be painted badly not to get votes and if you do they will intervene with rigging


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thealigirl85,881 pts Tuesday, November 5, 2019 1
Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Ahn Joon Young is finally where he deserves to be


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