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Netizens notice duality concept even with EXO's coffee & snack carts set out for fans


During pre-recordings for EXO's special 'EXO The Stage' performances, the group treated on-site fans to EXO and X-EXO themed coffee and snacks once again!

What netizens loved seeing was EXO's duality concept from their 6th full album 'Obsession', even reflected in these coffee and snack trucks! As you can see below, the X-EXO themed truck sports X-EXO's red signage in front of the cart, as the promotional phrase at the top of the truck sinisterly reads, "You'll never get your hands on coffee like this again." 

The 'real' EXO themed truck is accompanied by the black signage, and the inviting phrase at the top of the truck reads, "The voice that keeps whispering in your ear, 'Aeri, come grab a drink (heart)." 

Netizens shared comments like, "They're so deep into their concept, I love it kekekekeke", "Jealous of Aeri's", "Even the handwarmer packs have the black and red concept? Then the fans will want to keep them instead of using them kekekeke", "This is their most dedicated concept ever kekekeke", "I'm jealous, it looks like EXO are really good to their fans", "I saw fans talking about how EXO themselves were really obsessed with their concept this time and I see it's true haha", and more. 

Who else wants EXO and X-EXO themed drinks, snacks, and handwarmers?

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Kkkpopvvv2,839 pts Saturday, November 30, 2019 0
Saturday, November 30, 2019

lol this is not the first time EXO has done something like this. Chanyeol actually spent like 20K$ on an expensive high end hand cream for his fans at a fanmeet. The price ofthe tickets was smaller than the price of the handcream. Basically you could say he just wanted to see his fans. Also EXO used their own money once to arrange a meeting with fans. My impression of EXO is that unlikely other idols they dont want to milk out fans to spend money so when they have a chance they spend back the money for fans like buying their dinner like Suho once did for a group of EXO-L when he heard they were in the restaurant and paid their tab without them knowing. Not to mention the part of buying a album per person lol I guess SM scolded them last year for saying not to buy albums at all now its 1 album per person lol So dont buy means buy and buy means dont buy I am glad I never got that groups album then lol Baek and his secret signals lol



lotuseater96 pts Saturday, November 30, 2019 0
Saturday, November 30, 2019

The concept is really well thought and it's hilarious how pcy is holding onto it 😂😂😂 Was hollering the whole afternoon yesterday at fanaccs



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Jin, Sehun
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