Posted by Susan-Han Friday, November 8, 2019

Former Crayon Pop member/BJ Ellin admits to 1 billion KRW 'romance scam', apologizes to viewers


On November 8, former Crayon Pop member and current 'Afreeca TV' BJ Ellin appeared in a live broadcast, admitting to her previous 'romance scam' accusations. 

During this broadcast, Ellin stated, "The victim 'A' gave me a month's time for a chance to apologize, but I stubbornly did not. I wanted to continue my broadcast activities, and so I responded with hasty lies. I'm sorry."

She continued, "I am truly sorry for worsening the entire situation due to my selfishness. I apologized to 'A' in person, and 'A' gratefully accepted my apologize. We came to terms to refrain from creating any more situations which could damage either side." 

Finally, Ellin refuted claims that she was also in a relationship while being involved in the 'romance scam' incident. She revealed, "It's not true that I had a boyfriend at the time. I broke up with an ex-boyfriend before I began my BJ promotions. I know that due to my previous mistakes, my attempt to speak the truth now can also fall under suspicion. But this part is entirely true." 

Approximately a week ago, BJ Ellin garnered attention after being accused of scamming a viewer 'A' worth approximately 1 billion KRW (~ 860,000 USD) in 'balloon' gifts via Afreeca TV, luxury gifts including jewelry, shoes, bags, and even fees for a new apartment. Then, on November 2, Ellin denied the accusations, choosing to continue with her live broadcasts. 

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k_kid14,384 pts Friday, November 8, 2019 10
Friday, November 8, 2019

Let's see how different the tone in this comment section is going to be. Because practically everyone was cursing the guy and trashing him in previous articles.

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trogdorthe8th11,027 pts Friday, November 8, 2019 0
Friday, November 8, 2019

No sympathy for this woman whatsoever. The thing is, there are plenty of young women who work jobs like this that get horribly harassed and stalked by people all the time! In some cases it can become dangerous, especially if authorities do not step in early enough which is another messed up issue. But for her to sit there and try to peg him as one of those people is disgusting. She may not have said it, but that was understandably many people's reaction when they heard her side of things. I noticed she was careful at the time to never give details like that, or imply that he was inappropriate with her, probably because she knew that would make things worse. I hope she learns a real lesson from this, because you can't lie on people to the public about things like that. I wonder how it will affect her BJ job now that people know what she's done.

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