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Ham So Won reveals that she manages all of Jin Hua's earnings + netizens ask why she's treating her husband like her son


Ham So Won revealed on the September 3 broadcast of 'Flavor Of Wife' that she manages Jin Hua's appearance fees. 

The couple faces a lot of conflicts, but one of the centers around money. Jin Hua tried to make a secret bank account, which caused further conflict between the couple. Ham So Won then revealed on the show that there are no bank accounts in Jin Hua's name and that she manages his income.

Netizens have been criticizing her further for her actions stating:

"She treats him like a son, not a husband." 

"Even if he's young he's still her husband..."

"I feel like Jin Hua would be so mad."

"I have nothing to say because I feel this is staged."

What do you think?

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Kirsty_Louise7,068 pts 15 days ago 0
15 days ago

I have married friends who are the same but only by choice. If one person knows they are bad with money and ask the other to control the finances, fair enough. But if she's made him do this, nah. I don't agree with that. Unless he has proven to be massively irresponsible with his money, why does she need to be controlling it!



megumishimizuu638 pts 15 days ago 8
15 days ago

I've seen every episode. He is bad with money. Jin Hua was trying to lend his friend, a large amount of money. But Ham So Won, does need to be somewhat more lenient with him.


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