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10 Bias-Focused Fan Cams We Would Die For


There's only one thing that's as good as being front row to your favorite group and it's crystal clear HD footage of your bias performing with 100% screen time. Fan cams are a gift from the heavens above that help us save our precious wallets and phone memory. The clear bias-focus gives us the perspective of a fan in the front row for every performance without having to bear the burden of travel, lodging, and waiting in line! Here are 10 bias-focused fan cams we would die for:

10. 365 Fresh - Triple H E-Dawn Focus

Prior to Hyuna and E-dawn's departure from CUBE, they, along with PENTAGON Hui had their own sub-unit: Triple H. Admittedly, we all saw E-Dawn and Hyuna's relationship coming, and if this fan cam doesn't serve as an indicator that they're in L O V E, we're not sure how to convince you otherwise! An iconic and sexy fan cam that has more and more depth in between the lines.

 9. Get Cool - Stray Kids Changbin Focus

Changbin is the cutest in this fan cam! Sometimes, when idols are tired from travel or overwork, it can show in their on-stage presence, but in this fan cam, we can tell that Changbin was in a fantastic mood! It really shows in his dancing and performance of "Get Cool". What do you think?

8. MOVE - Taemin Focus

Taemin reminds us time and time again that he's still here to win it, and for a good reason! Taemin's incredible dance talent paired with his vocal ability is hard to duplicate and match in the industry. Every fan cam we watch of him is pretty awe-inspiring, but this particular one of "MOVE" gets us out of our seat!

7. Bloom Bloom - The Boyz Kevin Focus

This newer K-Pop group is stealing hearts left and right, and one look at this fan cam of Kevin Moon explains why. How cute is this group and how cute is Kevin? It's absolutely devastating how charming The Boyz are! "Bloom Bloom" is the perfect melody to capture your heart, so don't fight against that love for The Boyz anymore! Just embrace it.

6.  Bim Bam Bum - ROCKET PUNCH Juri Focus

We love Bim Bam Bum's song composition, and it's no surprise that the ultra-talented ladies behind the vocals are just as beautiful as they are accomplished! Juri Takahashi, a Japanese member of Rocket Punch, is a must-watch member of the group! When Juri was with AKB48, she served as the cute and energetic member, but now that she's grown up to join Rocket Punch, she's now the sexy visual we always knew she could be!

5. Gotta Go - Chung Ha Focus

If there's one thing Chung Ha knows how to do- it's commanding the stage. Her powerful dance moves, ravishing good looks, and incredible fan service make us feel dizzy when we watch this fan cam. Someone hand us some VR goggles, we want to witness this for real! 

4. Bomb Bomb - KARD BM Focus

KARD's BM is a sexy sangnamja! He's got older man vibes, and gives off a totally powerful demeanor due to KARD's co-ed lineup of members! From his deep vocals to his incredible stage presence, BM fan cams always get our blood pumping!

3. Crazy, Sexy, Cool - ASTRO Eunwoo Focus

Heartthrob visual Eunwoo shows his bad boy demeanor with this fan cam focus of him performing "Crazy, Sexy, Cool". Eunwoo is a part of the 97 liners group chat and is often forgotten in light of the other notable idols that are also a part of that group chat, but we're here to remind you that you MUST stan Eunwoo after watching this fancam!

2. Shine - PENTAGON Jinho Focus

Though the smallest member of the group, Jinho does not lack in any area in comparison to his fellow group members! PENTAGON Jinho has an insane amount of stage presence in this performance of Shine though he's about a whole head shorter than Wooseok, the group's maknae! Jinho fancams are a must-watch whenever they appear! No one does fan service like him.

1. Bon Bon Chocolat - EVERGLOW Mia Focus

EVERGLOW's Mia didn't have to snap like that in this awesome fan cam. Her styling was impeccable for this particular performance, but the fact that we get to watch her in her zone is what makes it! Her plaid outfit makes her dancing for "Bon Bon Chocolat" a must-watch bias-focused fan cam for those that haven't gotten into EVERGLOW yet. This video will convince you otherwise!

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Taemin and Chungha🤩 King👑 X Queen👑


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Jinho is my main man. I just love him to pieces!!



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