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Netizens aren't too happy with 60 kg girls being called 'chubby' for 'Chubby Love 2'


Girl's Alert's Saetbyul and Gooseul will be reprising their roles for tvND webdrama 'Chubby Love 2'.

During the press conference, Saetbyul said, "I got chubby and my clothes didn't fit and people told me I gained weight, so my confidence fell. But the viewers who saw 'Chubby Love' gave me positive comments, so I got more confident and became optimistic." 'Chubby Love 2' will be extended to 10 episodes, up from 6 episodes in season 1.

PD Choi Sun Mi said, "Saetbyul and Gooseul are known as 60kg [132 lb] idols. We believe that came out well into loving yourself in this drama."

However, netizens weren't too impressed. Many commented, "60 kg is not chubby, it's healthy... This is happening because idols nowadays are unhealthily thin," "They don't look chubby at all. What's wrong with 60 kg?", "They're cute and pretty!", "People who see this are going to think 60 kg is chubby... That's the normal weight," and more.

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2ne1dara4303 pts Thursday, July 4, 2019 8
Thursday, July 4, 2019

f*** netizens and haters again. The 70Kg 60kg 50Kg or 40kg is not unhealthy as long as it is a weight obtained naturally. Ppl need to learn to accept themselves as they are. Netizens need to stop criticizing the genetic nature of every human being.


I'm tired of seeing how genetically skinny/thin girls of 40 Kg to 50Kg try to gain weight eating excessively to look chubby/fat and that F*** netizens can feel happy, when in reality they are damaging their health and their natural skinny/thin body and face trying to alter their genetics and metabolism with excessive food, as also there are many genetically girls of around 60 kg to 70 kg making a hard diets to look skinny/thin when their genetics is 60 ~ 70 kg, not 40kg to 50kg. Ppl really need to learn to accept themselves as they are.


If you are genetically chubby, love yourself being chubby.
If you are genetically thin or skinny, love yourself being thin or skinny.
Do not try to alter your natural genetics to make others happy, love yourself.



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Vivianlsv207 pts Thursday, July 4, 2019 1
Thursday, July 4, 2019

Knetz are right this time


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