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Netizens start a government petition to fire the judge that dismissed Seungri's arrest warrant

South Korea is outraged at the dismissal of Seungri's arrest warrant. 

On May 15, a petition demanding the removal of a judge appeared on the government website. The petition pointed out this judge has angered citizens by continuously dismissing arrest warrants for a CEO, Chinese drug distributor, sexual harasser, and more, and stated, "We are curious rather or not this judge is corrupt. We want a judge with a live heart and soul that makes reasonable decisions."

No specific names are mentioned, however, based on the description, the petition seemed to be targeting Shin Jong Yeol, the judge that dismissed the arrest warrants for Seungri and Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk, Chinese drug distributor 'Anna,' and other controversial figures involved in the Burning Sun scandal. 

Meanwhile, netizens are expressing anger, commenting"That judge needs to leave," "Do we have to go on a national candle rally again? This is nonsense," "Seungri can't be arrested because they're all on the same boat," "Seungri must have more money than Park Geun Hye," "This is crazy. How much did they pay the judge?"

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A lot of people here were trying to minimize the impact of this case by praising the judge for not bending to the wishes of knetz, but the reality of the situation is that this went far beyond few salty knetz a long time ago. I have talked with quite a few Korean people of all ages (20's - 50's) who aren't into kpop at all: they all have been following this scandal and told me that they, and everyone that they know, despised Seungri. They were convinced he will go to jail, because anything other than that would be a disgrace for their nation. The men said that they hated him for being loved by women despite of all the things he had done. You can act smug all you want by saying nonsense such as that inetz have better understanding of this case than South Koreans, and that this is all still about fandom and antis/haters, but ultimately, Seungri is regarded as the nation's traitor.

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MeniNova2,029 pts Wednesday, May 15, 2019 19
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Money was probably traded for Seungri's arrest warrant to be dismissed. If it's true, then the judge should be investigated along with Seungri and punished. It's good the people of SK are demanding a review as it seems corruption and favoritism runs rampant in the society.

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