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Actor Han Sang Jin openly criticizes Yang Hyun Suk for his alleged ties to prostitution dealings


Actor Han Sang Jin has openly criticized Yang Hyun Suk.

In light of the issue regarding Yang Hyun Suk's prostitution investigation, actor Han Sang Jin took to Instagram to express his disdain toward the YG Entertainment CEO's scandals. By uploading a screen-captured article regarding the reports from MBC's 'Straight', Han Sang Jin wrote,

"#mbc #straight Hm...this really... I hope that Straight really throws this one straight... There is no free gift in this world.. For the person who gave them the gift, as well as the one who received it. This is really no good.. The majority of this world is comprised of people who are diligent and hard-working. The people who had been invited to this place, as well as the person who invited them, only had too big of a selfish desire and vanity.. You can think, 'is this really such a big mistake'.. But this is not a reasonable deal..Giving and taking a 5 million won bag for having a meal together, is this legitimate?"

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#mbc#스트레이트 흠..이거 진짜.. 스트레이트가 꼭 스트레이트 날리기를... 이 세상 절대 공짜 선물은 없다.. 선물 준 사람도 받은 사람도 이건 좀 아니지.. 이 세상에는 성실하고 열심히 사는 사람들이 대다수이다 이곳에 불려간 사람이나 부른 사람이나 각자의 욕망과 허영심이 너무 크기에.. 이것이 대체 무슨 잘못이야라고 생각할수있지만.. 상식적인 일은 아니다.. 식사자리 한다고 500만원짜리 명품 백을 주고 받는게 과연 정당한가?.. 혹시 지금 주위에 나의 의도와 다르게 나를 이용하는 사람은 없는지 둘러보기를 바란다 욕망과 허영심은 지금 당장은 달콤할수 있지만 결국은 자신의 안으로부터 썩어가고 있음을 자각하기를 바란다.. 난 안걸렸으니 괜찮아하는 사람들 안걸린게 아니고 아직 안걸렸을뿐.. 밥만 먹었는데 큰 선물 받았다고 좋아할 필요도 없을뿐더러 준 사람 받은 사람들 능력자가 아니다 돈 많음 제발 기부 좀 더 해주기를.. 조금 다른 얘기일수 있지만 연예인의 가치..신념은.. 사소한 변화로부터 시작되야한다 세상 물 흐리는 몇몇의 안일함이 우리의 시야를 혼탁하게 한다 제발 상식대로 살자! 세상 공짜 없다!

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Furthermore, he even warned the readers about people who may be "using" them with unsuitable intentions. He continued, "The worth of a celebrity..their faith.. Change needs to happen, starting from small transformations. The complacency of the few who muddy the clear waters make our vision opaque. Let's please live with some common sense! There is no free lunch in this world!"

Actor Han Sang Jin has starred in numerous television series 'Haechi', 'Myserious Personal Shopper', 'Hyde Jekyll, Me', and more. In related news, the police have requested cooperation from MBC to clearly shed light on the allegations to which Yang Hyun Suk has already denied.

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eottoke12,973 pts Tuesday, May 28, 2019 90
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

People really need to boycott YG. I know it is not easy since some people are fans of YG artists, but boycotting YG ent will give pressure to the stockholders and shareholders to oust Yang Hyunsuk and his brother. if you are consumers of YG products, then basically you’re supporting Yang Hyunsuk. He is a deep rooted tree that needs to get rid off. and im sure it will be beneficial for YG artists once they get rid of him. definitely their image will improve.


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Winston5,422 pts Tuesday, May 28, 2019 9
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Some ppl just love YG music too much that they don't care what they have done. It's ironic that in YG, there is Sean who is famous for his charity work and donated 4.5mil to charity or more.

then we see reports about YG giving chanel bags to girls who come to the "party"

2 opposite values.


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