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Women at the night of Yang Hyun Suk's client dinner claim they each received a Chanel bag + netizen reactions


Reporter Koh Eun sang of MBC's 'Straight' is drawing attention for his interview with MBC radio on the 27th.

Koh reported on Yang Hyun Suk's alleged sexual favors for foreign investors in July 2014 where he revealed, "the women who attended Yang Hyun Suk's dinner received Chanel bags" drawing attention. Koh held an interview with MBC radio 'Shim In-bo's Eyes Only' on Friday and raised suspicions that Yang had entertained 2 south east Asian financiers in July 2014 through revelations made on MBC's 'Straight' that aired the day before. He also revealed that Hwang Hana had played an important role in the alleged sexual services.

According to Reporter Koh, a group of wealthy investors on the night of the dinner party each chose their favorite of the 25 women and moved to their private rooms. The women that were present at the event revealed their testimonies saying "they were grateful to the chaebols for handing out Chanel bags that cost between 4-5 million won." Koh surprised at the high value of the gifts inquired about it to the host of the event who said, "4 million won is nothing to them. They spent over 100 million won when they came in."

Regarding the testimony that Hwang Hana, the only granddaughter of the Namyang founder, was also present at the event, Koh said, "Hwang is also an important figure. Madam Jung is someone who has a very close connection to Yang Hyun Suk and YG members in particular. She runs a karaoke business that "manages" women. She has a reputation of being very talented and popular in politician and business circles. At the time, all the investors were coming from abroad so naturally they needed someone who can "mingle" with the investors and at the same time be well-versed in speaking and interpreting English. As Hwang is from the U.S and is well connected with the wealthy as well as Burning Sun and Seungri, she was invited to the event."

1. [+3,340, -32] There is a non stop flow of suspicions being reported right now and yet not one article claiming investigations are underway. Police said they would start investigations as needed so it looks like the situation hasn't reached the "needed" stage yet.

2. [+2,924, -27] That's quite the scale, they dropped 100 million won that night

3. [+2,532, -120] And that money came from their stupid fangirls

4. [+104, -0] I doubt Sean from Jinusean didn't know that all of this was going on, and yet he hasn't shown his face for months now with his wife, where has he gone? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+81, -0] I just... don't think the law, the police, prosecutors, government officials have any intention to punish them. And I'm sure the people who were paid off then are in higher positions now... The only solution is to boycott YG. Their singers, actors, models, variety stars... everyone under their subsidiary labels.. Sorry Akdong Musician ㅠㅠㅠ.. I'll listen to you over 3,000 times after you leave YG ㅠㅠ so just leave.

6. [+79, -3] I wonder how rich the clients are if they're able to drop 5 million won Chanel bags like it's nothing?

7. [+65, -0] I bet Hwang Hana was one of the madames~~~ ㅋ

8. [+52, -0] Once this scandal got out, it just keeps exploding..

9. [+50, -1] So he has no real business skills of his own so all he did was feed everyone bribes and goodies to run his company

10. [+43, -2] Not even surprised over these trash anymore

11. [+34, -2] Was it bought with the money your stupid fangirls gave you?

12. [+31, -0] Do you guys get it out? Don't buy gifts and spend money on your artists. It all gets spent on things like this, tsk tsk. I feel so bad every time I see stupid fangirls still giving up their allowance.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I still have to understand what YG really did, since he only went to a gatering he was invited. The girls never even said that it was YG who did anything about this alleged prostitution. . . Like, let's boycott YG just because.

And it's funny that the girls said they received the bags and they accepted them, but just now they say all this happened and are behaving like it's all a sin.

I would just like that everyone would wait and have solid proof and not only the words of a reporter and some girls that attended a dinner.


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