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[POLL] EVERGLOW's 'Bon Bon Chocolat': Bop or Flop?


EVERGLOW has debuted with a unique, dance-based song, "Bon Bon Chocolat"! Let's take a look at why this song may be a Bop or a Flop.


1. Charismatic choreography at its finest.

EVERGLOW had been teasing fans for a while with their countless *really good* dance covers before their official debut. Here's a couple of their pre-debut videos if you haven't watched them yet:

This led us to believe that one of the biggest strengths of EVERGLOW would be their dancing and choreography execution.

They did not disappoint.

Their movements are crisp, they have good synergy, and their dance during the chorus is unique and fun to watch. Furthermore, the dance was choreographed by 1MILLION's Lia Kim, who is well-regarded as one of the best and most demanding choreographers in South Korea. This group did her reputation justice.

2. The instrumentals... wow.

However, if there was one thing I love most about "Bon Bon Chocolat", it's actually not the choreography, but the instrumentals.

Here's a tip if you really want to appreciate this song's instrumental. First, watch the MV and absorb the song as best as you can. Then, play it again, but close your eyes throughout the entire song. What you'll hear is an extremely diverse but well-meshed collection of musical nuances, with influences from genres such as trap, dubstep, electro house, and more. It was really a funky mash-up of everything.... but it worked.

Personally, my favorite section of this song was the 'Everything... everything...' sectio which E:U sings (0:47 in MV). There was an amazing chord in the background, and the persona that she sang it with reminded me so much of Beyonce. Let me know in the comments if you felt the same way too!

3. The MV is well-made.

I'm glad that Yue Hua Entertainment put in the necessary resources to make this MV, because it really shows. Everything shot in the video was stellar, and the ambience that the MV captured really bolstered the image that EVERGLOW was going for.


1. Too much autotune?

In my opinion, this was the only significant flaw in this song. You might have noticed that the group used a quite bit of autotune in the MV. At this point, I'm sure you've heard of stories of artists getting backlash for using an excessive amount of autotune.

The case to defend EVERGLOW is that autotune actually bolsters the stylistic elements that the song is going for. And although I agree somewhat with that statement, it's not that entirely convincing. Allow me to remind you that this group can sing too, not only dance. Hence the issue: I think that the amount of autotune masks some of the natural vocal talent of the group.

Then, in a performance on SBS's 'The Show' the group showed up and performed "Bon Bon Chocolat" with close to no autotune. It showed that the girls had plenty of charisma and musical talent that didn't require autotune. I want to see more performances like that from this group in the future.

My Personal Opinion:

It's a Bop. To be honest, for a debut performance, it's nearly flawless, in terms of the song's instrumental, MV, and the choreo. They have already addressed their only issue in the autotune side of things with a performance that was almost completely autotune-free.

The sad thing is that there are several roadblocks to EVERGLOW's success in the industry. One is that there have been several, high-quality girl group debuts and comebacks this 2019 season, most notably JYP's ITZY. They're going to need several more consistent Bops like "Bon Bon Chocolat" in order to go against the Big 3 and hopefully make a name out of themselves. The second roadblock is the company that the group is signed under: Yue Hua Entertainment. Yue Hua is a Chinese entertainment company, which may not seem like an issue at first. However, some fans have begun purposefully ignoring EVERGLOW in order to halt 'Chinese corporate' advances into Korea. It's a real shame, but it is happening.

So what do you think? Do you think "Bon Bon Chocolat" is a bop or a flop? Let us know below.

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Queeeenie538 pts Wednesday, March 27, 2019 3
Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Well, they are good dancers and it's quite catchy.

I wasn't reminded of Beyonce at any point though, I don't think you can compare them at all, have you ever seen Beyonce perform?

also the word bon bon chocolat had no relation to the rest of the lyrics, I don't really like it when they use random English or I guess in this case French words for no reason, at least have it make sense in the story of the song like the La vie en rose phrase kinda did in Izone's song.

I liked the choreography except in the chorus, that was a bit anti-climatic.

If this had been Itzy or BP they would have been dragged for their vocals on the track, but at least they sang live on music shows.


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k_kid3,390 pts Wednesday, March 27, 2019 0
Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Anyone who thinks this is a flop must be drinking too much salt water. They made much more of an impact than Cherry Bullet.



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