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Wanna One and Wannables say their farewells

The end has come to four emotional and heartbreaking days. January 27 marked the last day that Wanna One would be seen on the same stage together. The past four days have been filled with new memories, special stages, new images of the members, laughter, and tears.

As the concert came to an end, Wanna One members bowed together as one for the last time and left the stage one by one.

Lai Kuanlin:As soon as I leave,I don't think that the eleven of us will be able to appear as Wanna One again, so as the first person leaving, I will be hugging the hyungs one by one. Wannables! I hope/want you to be happy! Thank you!

Hwang Minhyun:To the Wanna One members and Wannables that gave me so much happiness, thank you so much. I love you!

Ong Seongwu:My eternal Wannable and eternal Wanna One... I sincerely love you all. Thank you!

Park Woojin:I really don't want us to part ways... I really don't to part ways! I was really happy because I had you all... I am really thankful. And now the name that I can no longer call, Wannables, I really love you!

Park Jihoon: This isn't the end, but the beginning. Wannables, I really love you and I'm really thankful... Thank you!

Kim Jaehwan: Because I received so much, I'm so thankful, sorry, and with loved you with everything that I had. Starting tomorrow.... um.... I really wanted to say goodbye smiling, but it turns out that it isn't that easy... Wannable... Wannable! WANNABLE! Goodbye...

Lee Daehwi: Thank you for loving us during a year and a half. Until we come before you again, please don't get sick and I hope that only happy/good things will come to you. You worked really hard. Thank you!

Ha Sungwoon: Wannable... the eleven of us really don't want to part ways... I'm really thankful and Wanna One really loved Wannables a lot... and you really worked hard, I'm sorry, and I really love you. Goodbye..

Bae Jinyoung: Wannable you really worked hard and I really loved you with everything. Please trust in us until the end and please wait for us. We'll really be back soon. Thank you!

Yoon Jisung: I sincerely thank you for loving Wanna One during the past year and a half. Wannables, if you don't forget Wanna One I believe that one day we'll be able to see each other again. Please don't hurt so much. Wannables were present in all of Wanna One's days and I'm so thankful that Wanna One was also able to be present in Wannables days. Thank you!

Kang Daniel: I was really happy during all this time. Thank you for making my youth so beautiful. Thank you... I'll never be able to forget this. Thank you

Thank you Wanna One for all of the beautiful memories that you have left us.  We'll be cheering you on in the future and hope that only good things await all eleven of you in the future!

지금까지 워너원이었습니다"

[Update]: Ending Ments! I will upload the other members as their videos are released

Hwang Minhyun

Park Woojin

Kim Jaehwan

Kang Daniel

Ha Sungwoon

Bae Jinyoung

Ong Seongwoo

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Arcwindz608 pts Sunday, January 27, 2019 5
Sunday, January 27, 2019

Oh man, i've been through IOI breakup so i know how this feels. I wish all the best for wannables.

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NekoMinSeo375 pts Sunday, January 27, 2019 0
Sunday, January 27, 2019

That's so sweet and really sad :/ Wannaone and Wannables, I full-heartedly send you all an infinite amount of hugs, I know it can never be enough to make up for what you must be feeling right now, but you have my entire sympathy. The following picture is for each and every one of you!

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