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Seungri reveals he recently contacted G-Dragon's mom to receive permission for his croaker song

Big Bang's Seungri shared he recently contacted G-Dragon's mom. 

On the January 17 airing of SBS' 'I'll Win You Over With My Channel,' Seungri filmed the MV for his croaker song. 

The croaker song is a remake of Big Bang's "FXXK It," which was produced by Teddy, G-Dragon, and R.Tee.

Seungri shared, "The schedule for YG recording studio is very tight so I had to wait until the hoobaes finish recording to record mine." He also revealed, "I found out that you need to have the permission of the original producer to remake and record the song. GD hyung is the producer of the song. If not the producer, I heard you can receive permission from the producer's parents so I contacted GD hyung's mother."

Seungri said, "So I told her, 'If GD hyung comes out for a break (from the military), please let him know that Seungri used it for a croaker song.'"

You can check out the croaker song below.

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Geodude57 pts Saturday, January 19, 2019 0
Saturday, January 19, 2019

people need to do their research when debating matters like this. May 31st at 1.30am a motor cyclist who was over the alcohol limit smashed into a light pole which smashed his face up bad. A taxi saw the guy on the road and manage to stop, he then put on his emergency lights, a car that was behind the taxi, but in front of Daesungs c,ar avoided the crash site, but unfortunately Daesung didnt. Daesung was the driver of his car and admitted he was going slightly over the limit, he ran the guy over, but what had to be clarified was the guy dead from hitting into the pole orwas he alive before he was run over. Autopsy report could only say, that they believed that it was more than likely, that the cyclist hitting into the pole was what killed him. The taxi driver thought that maybe Daesung meant to break and accidently push on the accelerator, which also shunted the taxi 30 metres. Daesung was devastated and paid the price emotionally. He didn't straight out kill the guy, he didn't purposely run the guy over, he didn't even see him. This was a tragic accident and its horrible and really angers me when people say he killed a man, that's just straight out cruel. I've given you the facts as they were presented. This was in 2011, i just wish people would leave him be

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LittleSukie13,082 pts Friday, January 18, 2019 0
Friday, January 18, 2019

This guy is crazy. I'm crying. The dogo is the best dancer. Seungri should take him on a tour.

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