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Korean atomic bomb victims association delivers full statement in response to Big Hit Entertainment's apology


As reported previously, on November 16th, Big Hit Entertainment's chief director visited Hapcheon county to formally apologize to the Korean victims of the atomic bomb. In regards to this apology, the association issued a full statement addressing their stance.

"Today in this small, peaceful city of Hapcheon, surrounded by many domestic and international members of the press, we are extremely grateful to be able to express the position of the victims from the atomic bombings in front of the chief director and members of the agency Big Hit Entertainment that houses the world-famous artist BTS.

For a long time, BTS have worked on a campaign called 'LOVE MYSELF' to spread messages of hopes and dreams through music for countless young adults around the world. Especially for teens dealing with depression and low self esteem, the group continues to them messages of hope. 

We, as victims of the atomic bomb, also receive that consolation. We believe that their messages and activities will open the path for the human race to walk together. 

Next year, 2019, is the 74th anniversary of the atomic bombings. 

Today, of the 100,000 Korean victims of the atomic bombings that came about like a bold out of the blue in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, only about 2,400 victims are still alive. Furthermore, there are over 15,000 descendants of the victims and their children who do not receive any care or support from the government, nor from the society, still living life rigorously as they struggle with various post-traumatic illnesses."

More in regards to BTS,

"By calling into question an image of the atomic bomb on a t-shirt worn by a BTS member, Japan has 'cosplayed' itself, pretending to be the only country that has been victimized by the bombings, without any apology acknowledgement of their own war crimes. Certain Japanese media outlets have prohibited BTS from appearing on their programs and have denounced our federal court's decision related to wartime forced labor, while acting like the only victim instead of spreading historical awareness about Japan's invasions.

We, as victims of the atomic bombs, understand and sympathize with BTS who are receiving secondary damage due to this issue, and humbly accept the apology of Big Hit Entertainment."

Furthermore, the association announced,

"From now on, we hope that Japan and their media outlets no longer cover up or distort the society's public opinion, and that they do not disturb the innocent broadcasting and performance activities of BTS.

Hoping that there will be no more victims of the atomic bomb like us on the Korean peninsula, as well as on the face of this earth, we ask that everyone take a deep interest in the atomic bombings and in the victims.

Next year on August 6th, at the '74th Denuclearization Peace Conference and Atomic Bomb Victims Memorial Service,' we hope that BTS come to Hapcheon to launch the message 'World without Atomic Bombs, a Peaceful Global Village', with a performance to show for the rest of the world."

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Mkm1,032 pts Saturday, November 17, 2018 19
Saturday, November 17, 2018

" Japan has 'cosplayed' itself, pretending to be the only country that has been victimized by the bombings, without any apology acknowledgement of their own war crimes ".

true!!! they are playing the victim card as if they are the ONLY victims out there.


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big_bang_forever185 pts Saturday, November 17, 2018 1
Saturday, November 17, 2018

These issues are way too deep, it was just one stylists dumb mistake overlooking the clothing.. Let the group breathe.. Cosplay line was Savage af lool


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