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Posted by elliefilet AKP STAFF 16 days ago

SM Entertainment teases mysterious clown in 'She is Coming' clip

SM Entertainment has released a teaser video of a mysterious clown under the title 'She is Coming' for 'SM Artist - Lifetime'.

In the video, the clown says she knows people will be surprised by her weight gain and different look, and she isn't too fond of anyone recognizing her. Still, she wants to take this chance to do her best.

You can expect the real of this 'SM Artist' on November 21 KST, and some netizens are speculating a solo singer is making her debut from the agency.

Stay tuned for updates!
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maplebaconcookie 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

i'm scared of clowns so i hesitated watching this, but i really appreciate this move by SM to promote (possibly debut) this artist who isn't your "ideal-sized kpop girl". even though all k-entertainment companies put so much pressure on their artists to be all skinny and focus on looks, people always trash on SM specifically for it as if they're the only one, perhaps because they have many of the best looking kpop idols out there. heck, variety show hosts say that even non-idol staff in SM (choreographers, coordinators, etc) are goodlooking. but anyway back to the video above, i think it's refreshing and good to promote an artist without that pressure for some idealized look, especially for SM. i'm hoping for good stuff from SM and the girl :) fighting!



Yellowchimpa 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

aahhhmmmm. hmmmmm. Not the 'best' idea when fear of clowns is quite common. What is it called...coulrophobia? Had to google it just then.



KasL 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

CSJH The Grace Dana!


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